Chrome OS

A Chromebook and an Android phone is the best combination

Why a Chromebook and Android phone is the best combination

A few years ago Chrome OS got an upgrade that many people were delighted about; the ability to install Android apps on your Chromebook. This massively increased the functionality of your Chromebook, as you had thousands of apps you could now use on your Chrome OS device. In the last year, we’ve seen updates to … Read more

Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook Review

Pixelbook Go Chromebook review

The Pixelbook Go Chromebook has been around for a couple of years. This may mean you’ve skipped past the Pixelbook Go when looking to buy a new Chromebook. I’ve owned newer devices such as the Acer 713 and Asus CX5, but I still prefer to use my Pixelbook Go for daily use. The only thing … Read more

Having more than one user registered on a Chromebook

The advantages and disadvantages of having multiple users registered on a Chromebook

To register your Chromebook you need a Google account. The first person who registers on a power-washed or new Chromebook will be the owner. Anyone who registers their Google account other than the owner will have roughly the same options when using it. Having the ability to add more than one user to a Chromebook … Read more