Zoom on Chromebook improved with new PWA app

The Chromebook has seen sales soar since the pandemic. Even before this sales of Chromebooks were rising rapidly. Although we all agree the pandemic has been awful for everyone. What it has done is show how most of us can continue to work and learn from home. Chrome OS makes this much easier than other operating systems thanks to its cloud computing capability.

To keep people connected it was essential for people to have a way to communicate with their colleagues over lockdown. The best way to do this was to use a video app like Zoom. This allows you to meet up for one and one meetings or group meetings where you can see each other and speak to each other via your webcam. One of the most popular apps for the Chromebook has been Zoom.

Although Zoom has been a real-life-saver for anyone unable to leave their home. The app did have some issues on the Chrome OS platform. Thankfully, this is something the Zoom team was well aware of and has been working on a progressive web app (PWA) for the Chromebook. A PWA is different from an Android app because you don’t install anything directly onto your computer. Instead, you visit a website address and the PWA gets to work.

Zoom PWA offers a better experience on the Chromebook

The benefit of a PWA is that you get a much better experience. They are more secure and stable, which is really important when using a video app. As mentioned, you don’t need to install an app, as it works when visiting the website where the PWA is located. Zoom confirms the PWA will offer much better video chats for its users when using the PWA on your Chromebook.

Very similar to Microsoft Teams you now have the option to raise your hand during a meeting by simply clicking on the raise hand icon. This will let the person who is running the meeting know that you have a question. This avoids people having to interrupt the person speaking, which can make video chats difficult to follow. It’s a much better approach to raising questions rather than everyone talking over each other. Find out more at 9 to 5 Google.

The new PWA is great to see because it’s still unclear how long people will be working from home. Even when the pandemic is over. It’s clear most companies will not be asking workers to go back to the office full time. This will make having a video app even more important as some people will be located in the office whilst others are located at home. The Zoom PWA app for the Chromebook not only offers better functionality. It’s also much easier to install, which is essential if it wants to compete with the competition.