You’ll be able to stop Chrome OS from updating to a newer version

Like most computers, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes receive regular updates of Chrome OS. These updates are essential because they not only provide you with new functionality. They also deal with any potential threats that need to be dealt with. If you use the latest Chrome OS version you’re less likely to have any issues around security.

Therefore, you may find it strange that Google will allow you to stop updating to the latest OS. It’s not happened just yet, but according to 9 to 5 Google code has been spotted to bring this functionality to Chrome OS. This means you’ll be able to disable updates for a specific period of time or even indefinitely.

Chrome OS update issues

One of the great benefits of owning a Chromebook is knowing that you’re safe when surfing online. Unlike most operating systems updates on Chrome OS have been relatively successful. In fact, from a personal point of view, I’ve never experienced any issues after updating to a newer version of Chrome OS.

However, there have been a few instances in the last year where some people did have issues after updating their devices. The issues did not appear to impact all Chrome OS computers, which means not everyone would have come across these problems. A well-known one was where people were unable to launch Android Apps after the update. This caused the OS rollout to be paused until a fix was in place.

This may be a reason why you might want to pause updates. If a known issue has been reported on, it would make sense you may want to protect yourself from this. At the moment you don’t have much control over updates. When an update is ready for your specific device, it will take place when you request an update or when you next turn on your device.

Chrome OS updates
Chrome OS updates happen automatically

You’ll have more control over your computer

Although I can’t imagine I would be using this option much. It will provide you with more control over your computer. If an update in the future causes issues that concern you. Providing you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to take action before an OS update is rolled out for your computer. Allowing you to pause the update until you know the issue has been fixed.

There may be other reasons why you might want to stop your computer from updating to the latest OS. The list is pretty endless because it all depends on each individual. Having the ability to pause updates will definitely feel like you’re more in control. It’s an option you have with most other operating systems, so I’m sure people may want the same functionality from Chrome OS.

Chrome OS Flex

As I’ve already mentioned issues around Chrome OS updates are thankfully very rare. This means the change that will take place in the future to allow you to pause updates. Is possibly taking place due to Chrome OS Flex. Google recently announced they are launching a new operating system ‘Chrome OS Flex’. This has been specifically designed for people who own older Windows and Mac computers, which they would like to give new life to by installing Chrome OS Flex.

Chrome OS Flex is aimed mainly at the business and education sectors. When you consider Chrome OS Flex will allow you to install the OS on all old PCs and Macs. It will be more likely that these computers may experience problems when an update to the operating system occurs. This is because it’s impossible for Google to consider all the different PC configurations when making changes to Chrome OS Flex.

Therefore, the likelihood of someone wanting to pause updates when using Chrome OS Flex may be far greater. This is the most likely reason why Google has decided to let you pause Chrome OS updates in the future.