You can play PC games on your Budget Chromebook with GeForce Now

I always get really excited when I can start doing new things on my Chromebook. A couple of weeks ago I heard about GeForce Now by Nvidia being released. I could now apparently play PC games on my Chromebook.

The great news is it’s true and it works really well. Find out more by reading my post you can now play your PC games on a Chromebook.

I’ve not tested too many games so far because I’m rather hooked on Anno 1800 at the moment. I will over the next few weeks though try other games I’ve got in my collection.

I’ve played both Anno 1800 and Prison Architect on my Chromebook. Anno 1800 I bought from Uplay and Prison Architect from Steam. This is what’s great about GeForce Now, you can play your games bought on both of these services.

I had only tested them on my Asus Chromebox 3 and my Pixel Slate. So I thought I’d check to see how well it would work on a budget Chromebook. I wasn’t expecting to play Anno 1800 on a budget device because the game is very demanding.


I decided to test whether my Toshiba Chromebook 2 would be able to play Anno 1800. I just assumed I had no chance in doing so. Although I love my Toshiba Chromebook, it’s pretty old and uses an Intel Celeron processor.

It does have 4GB of RAM, which may not sound like a lot today. When I bought it though about five years ago 4GB of RAM was a lot more than 2GB, which was the standard back then.

What I love about my Toshiba Chromebook is the display. It may be over five years old, but god damn that display is so good. That’s what you get when you buy Toshiba, so it’s a real shame they no longer make laptops.

I started to have my doubts when I realised budget Chromebooks run a lot slower in general. Although they are fine for many people. I’ve got used to using mid-range devices.

I could tell I was using a budget laptop because it took a little longer to get to the GeForce website. All the images on the site took a lot longer to display compared to a more advanced device like my Pixel Slate.

The thing is though, and this is what’s great about cloud computing. The moment I launched the game and it was ready to play. All of the slightly longer loading time issues just disappeared.


Playing Anno 1800 on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 gave me no problems at all. Also, I was playing over WiFi in my living room, so I assumed because of the thick walls between me and the router I’d have issues.

The game played perfectly well and needless to say, I was pretty impressed with how the game looked on the fabulous Toshiba Chromebook display.

GeForce Now is a streaming service, so when you start playing the game. The actual processing power is done on the Nvidia servers. Sure, your Chromebook processing power must be used to some extent. However, it must be pretty limited because playing a PC game on a budget Chromebook without an issue proved that.

I played PC games on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 budget laptop
Playing Anno 1800 on my Toshiba Chromebook 2

There was a couple of times when it did stick for a second before playing again as normal. However, I’d put this down to the router being in another room rather than the hardware.

So although I’ve only played the one game. It appears you can easily play PC games on a budget Chromebook. Now if that’s the case and a lot of other games work just fine. It really does open up PC gaming to almost everyone who owns a budget laptop.


Officially, Nvidia has only confirmed a number of Chromebooks will work with the service so far. That being said, they’ve also stated this does not mean your Chromebook will not work if it’s not on the list.

It simply means they’ve not got around to testing it yet. It may be the case that they don’t test every Chromebook for compatibility.

So I’d suggest testing it for yourself. After all, you can sign up to a free GeForce Now account to start with. So you’ve got nothing to lose in testing it out with your Chrome OS device.

I’m excited about GeForce now as I was when Android apps worked with Chrome OS. For many years people have rubbished the Chromebook because you cannot play proper PC games. Well, it looks as if that’s no longer a problem. The future of the Chromebook is looking pretty good right now.