Windows 11 SE is going after the lucrative education market

Before the Chromebook was launched. Most schools were either using Microsoft Windows or Apple. This is still the case to an extent, but the biggest player by far in the education sector is Google.

Chrome OS was a complete game-changer not just for consumers but for schools as well. The main reason schools moved to Chrome OS was because Chromebooks are relatively cheap to buy. A very important factor for schools that may have a tight budget. Another huge factor was how easy they are to use and manage.

This means Google with Chrome OS now dominates the education sector. However, is this about to change? Microsoft has announced Windows 11 SE is now being targeted towards the education sector, and not directly to consumers.

Microsoft to target schools

This is a smart move by Microsoft. By targeting Windows 11 SE solely in the education sector. Allows them to put all of their efforts and resource into what schools need. It also suggests to the education sector that Microsoft is offering them something specifically made with the education sector in mind.

It’s important to remember the education sector is very similar to the business sector. What individuals think about certain operating systems isn’t important. What matters is money. If Microsoft can offer what the education sector needs at a competitive price. Then it’s possible schools will make the move from Chrome OS.

Why is this important

Firstly, I don’t believe for one second that Microsoft’s long term goal is to solely aim at the education sector. It’s a marketing strategy used to break into a market where they have very little control.

If Microsoft Windows 11 SE is a success in the education sector. I cannot imagine for one second that Microsoft would not try and claim a share in the consumer sector. It’s a very clever tactic, and if they are successful it may cause issues for Chrome OS.

Although millions of consumers have now moved over to Chrome OS. Mainly for the three key selling points. They are fast, secure and easy to use. There are millions more who are die-hard Microsoft users.

If they do launch Windows 11 SE to the consumer. These Windows users looking for a simpler computing experience would easily adopt Windows 11 SE rather than make the switch to Chrome OS.


There is always a company wanting to take market share away from competitors. That’s the very nature of business. Chrome OS is successful in the education sector because they are cheap and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the education sector is pretty fickle and wouldn’t think twice about making the switch. If Microsoft can offer the sector a computer that is easy to use, offers everything they need at a cheap price. Then we’d most likely see Microsoft take a larger market share in this sector.

It’s totally different to how consumers choose what to buy. We tend to adopt new technology for the same reasons, but we also get an attachment to the tech we love. We consider other things before we buy.

If Windows 11 SE is successful then I’d put money on them releasing it to consumers. It’s already a difficult choice for some to switch to the Chromebook. They fear moving from something they already know. Having Windows 11 SE as another option would definitely reduce the number of people moving to Chrome OS.