Will we ever see customisation options for the Chrome OS desktop?

If you’re already a user of Chrome OS or considering making the switch. One thing that is great is that it’s fast, secure, and easy to use. One way they’ve made this possible is by giving you a lot fewer customisation options compared to other operating systems.

Whether you see this as a good or bad point will depend on how you use your Chromebook. Personally, I can see why this is totally necessary but I’d also like to see a little more customisation options than we currently have.

The good news is the Chrome OS team is working hard to bring new functionality to the Chromebook. You can see these for yourself with the introduction of a calendar to the Chromebook or the new Chrome OS app launcher menu that is available by using flags.

Will we see desktop customisation in the future?

I’m sure something a lot of people would like to see is the ability to customise your Chrome OS desktop. If you’ve used other types of computers I’m sure you’ve got into the habit of using the desktop for important files you access regularly.

At the moment this simply isn’t possible with the Chromebook because the desktop is strictly out of bounds. The only time you’ll see apps on the desktop is when you’re using a Chromebook in tablet mode.

Although I’d love to see more customisation options when it comes to the desktop. I really would not want to use it as a dumping ground, which is what most desktops end up like. You must have seen it, especially in a working environment where you see other desktops that are littered with files.

Even the most organised of people can be guilty of using the desktop to dump files they think they will need in the future. The problem is we keep on adding more files and before you know it your desktop looks a complete mess. Also, the original idea of putting files there to make them easy to find is no longer the case.

A huge number of files on a desktop slows down your computer

This may be one of the reasons why Chrome OS does not allow you to put files on your desktop. It’s ok if you’ve got a couple of files or folders, which you can easily access. However, if you’re someone who uses a desktop to dump any file you may need in the future and don’t keep on top of it. It’s at this stage that you’ll be slowing your computer down dramatically.

The desktop is one of the first things you see when booting up your computer. If the desktop is full of files you can imagine the resources that are being used to get those files displayed on the desktop. The icons that need to be displayed for each file and the location where these files are stored, so you can quickly open them. These are all things the processor is having to deal with.

This is a really good reason why Chrome OS does not allow you to put your files on the desktop. Personally speaking, I hope this continues to be the case in the future because a desktop full of files not only looks messy. It can get very stressful when you’ve got work files all over the place.

Chrome OS Desktop widgets

One thing I would like to see in the future is the ability to have some desktop widgets on your Chromebook desktop. I totally understand this would be a massive undertaking. However, I’m sure many Chrome OS users would really appreciate being able to add some widgets to their desktop.

Very similar to how you can add widgets to your Android phone desktop. These widgets such as your local weather or to get quick access to Google Drive options can be really useful. Maybe not allowing you to use the whole desktop for widgets as this would look ugly, but just a certain section to add some useful functionality.

It may be the case that this would be an issue if you were able to use widgets from many different providers. Google would need to know they can trust the providers and that any changes made to Chrome OS or the widgets would not cause issues. However, I’m sure it’s possible even if it means only having the ability to use widgets Google has created specifically for Chrome OS.


I love Chrome OS and I’m loving even more all the new functionality the team is working hard to provide. It’s without question my favourite operating system to date.

Maybe in the future, we’ll see some sort of customisation coming to the Chrome OS desktop. I just hope they don’t open it up as a free for all where you can just dump files, which you’ll most likely never use again. I can’t imagine they would ever do this because Chrome OS needs to stay fast, secure, and easy to use over anything else.

That doesn’t mean we can’t wish to see some further customisation down the line. A few useful widgets to brighten up your desktop or to help with productivity would be great to see.