Why you will use more space on a phone compared to a tablet

There are many of us who own both a phone and a tablet. This makes sense because they both offer something different. You carry a phone around with you on a daily basis, but our tablets are usually left at home.

A mistake you should not make is assuming you’ll need the same amount of storage space on both devices. If you already own a tablet with 32GB and face no storage issues. This does not mean buying a phone with 32GB is going to be sufficient.

So let’s take a closer look at this to see why the storage on both devices needs to be considered separately. Find out how to free up space on your Android device.


Obviously we all use our phones differently but being that most phones have the same functionality. It’s fair to say that the amount of storage we use, on average, will be very similar.

Most of us today use a phone a lot differently than we did ten years ago. A lot of us may make calls and send text, but then others may not use their phone for that purpose. Find out how much storage you need when buying an Android phone.

However, most of us do use our phones for social media. Most people from all age groups now have an account with their favourite social media platform. Apart from looking at posts from others we generally like to make our own posts too.

Running out of space is not just limited to your gadgets

A lot of the posts we use include photos we’ve taken right there and then or a collection of photos we’ve taken throughout the day. If you’re using a phone with a high-spec camera then that’s a lot of storage being used. High-quality photos take up a lot of storage space.


It’s also true that a lot of people like to listen to music on their mobile phones. We can now access our favourite music through many different apps. Some of us stream our music if we have unlimited data plans. However, most people download music at home over WiFi to save on the data they use throughout the day.

Downloading albums or playlists has been made really easy. It’s a great way of listening to our favourite music while travelling to work. Having all this access to our favourite tunes is great, but it takes up valuable storage.

Videos are also very popular because we love taking videos on our phones and then uploading them to social media. If you thought images and music took up a lot of space, then you’d be shocked how much can be used just by a couple of 10-minute videos.


Most of us never take tablets out of the home. Sure, you do get some people who like a larger display on the move. However, the added cost of getting a tablet that supports a network connection. Not to mention the added contract for your tablet. Means most tend to leave their tablets at home.

This means we tend to use our tablets differently to our mobile phones. It’s unlikely we would bother taking many pictures on our tablet. This is also the case when it comes to videos. Find out how much storage you need when buying an Android Tablet.

There are two reasons for this. Most videos and pics are taken outside to show a location. Us sitting on a beach enjoying the sun or waiting at an airport for our annual getaway. Taking snaps of us watching the TV is hardly going to get much attention.

The other reason is that the camera on our tablets is far inferior compared to the cameras we have on our phones. You may get some high-end tablets with good cameras, but they still don’t match the quality you would get from a high-end mobile.

We also use our tablets differently when it comes to listening to music. Because we tend to use our tablets at home. It would not make much sense to download our music. A huge majority of people have access to WiFi in their homes, so streaming music is not a concern.


This is why a lot less storage space is needed on your tablet compared to your phone. Sure, this will not be the case for everyone. For most, however, we’ll definitely need more storage space when buying a phone.

So you should consider this when buying a new Android device. Just because you have a phone with 128GB storage. Does not mean you need to get the same amount of storage when buying a new tablet.

Remembering this when buying a new device could save you a lot of money. Because the price difference for different storage options can sometimes be huge.