Why I could not live without my Chromebox

When Chrome OS first arrived in 2011 the only computer running the OS was the Chromebook. I’ve owned many Chromebooks, and still own a couple of them today. However, my favourite Chrome OS computer by far is my Asus Chromebox 3.

A little outdated today, so if you’re looking for a Chromebox in 2022. I’d take a look at this article I’ve written comparing the different configurations available for the Asus Chromebox 4. If you don’t want to buy an Asus Chromebox. You’ll find other manufacturers such as HP and CTL make some pretty decent models. Take a look at the difference between the HP and Asus Chromebox.

Whatever manufacturer you decide to choose. What I love about the Chromebox is that it offers a true desktop PC running Chrome OS. I’ve never been as productive on a Chromebook as I am when using my Chromebox. So let’s take a look at why I love the Chromebox so much.

It’s a better option if sitting at a desk all day

If you use a computer sitting at a desk all day long. It’s much better for your productivity and your health to use a desktop computer. Leaning over typing on a laptop all day isn’t going to do your posture any good.

By using a Chromebox you can choose an external display, which you can place directly in front of you. Instead of having your head looking down as you do with a laptop. You’re looking directly in front of you. This is much better for you and feels a lot more comfortable.

You can easily hook up two external monitors on a Chromebox
Connect a second display to your Chromebox to help with productivity

Using a laptop all day whilst sitting at a desk is not something I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong laptops have their place, but I don’t think they’re right for people who’ll be sitting at a desk on a daily basis. Also, it’s much easier to connect two external displays to a Chromebox.

You can of course use a laptop at a desk and connect it to an external display. However, I find it a lot more convenient to have a dedicated Chrome OS desktop PC. An external mouse and keyboard are also a lot easier to use when using a computer for a long period of time.

It’s not all about work

Although I use my Chromebox mainly for work. I also use it more than my Chromebook when it’s time for play. Playing games on my Chromebox is a much better experience.

Firstly, I can connect a much larger display, which is perfect for playing games. Also, at the moment I use Nvidia GeForce Now for playing games on Chrome OS. One thing you need to use Nvidia GeForce now is a good internet connection.

Connecting a large display to your Chromebox
Connecting a much larger display to a Chromebox is great for games

If I am playing games on my Chromebook then I need to ensure I’m in the same room as my router to get a good connection. I don’t need to worry about this with my Chromebox because they come with an ethernet connection. Using a wired ethernet connection to connect to the internet is much more stable compared to WiFi.


If you want to make the switch to Chrome OS then the Chromebook is the most likely computer you’ve heard about. They are great if you’re looking for a laptop. However, if you’d prefer a desktop PC then the Chromebox is the one to choose.

They don’t offer the same flexibility as a Chromebook because you can’t take them out with you. What they do offer is a much better experience when sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Although you can get a desktop setup using a Chromebook by connecting it to an external display. The best experience I’ve found is when I’ve used a dedicated desktop PC, which means using a Chromebox.

If you’re uncertain about, which Chrome OS computer is right for you. Then you may want to read an article I’ve written, which looks at the differences between the Chromebook and Chromebox.