What display to look for when buying an Android Tablet

When buying new gadgets there is a lot to think about and this all depends on what we’re buying. If you’re looking at buying a tablet you may have a long tick list of what it must have.

Something that can be overlooked is the display. The display on any device is important but when it comes to tablets; it’s arguably one of the most important factors to take into account.

You can buy an amazing looking tablet with the latest processor and huge amounts of RAM. If the display is not good quality you’ll be disappointed with your purchase. So let’s take a look at everything you need to consider about the display when buying a new Android tablet.


This is possibly one of the first things you’ll need to think about when buying a new tablet. Most of us already have an idea of the size of the tablet we’re looking for.

The size of tablets can vary between anything from 7-inches right up to 18-inches. A few years ago tablets in the 7 to 8-inches category sold really well. However, since then mobile phones have come equipped with displays of around 6-inches, so buying a tablet a couple of inches more than this does not make much sense.

This means that the most popular tablet sizes today are around the 10-inch display size. This is the perfect size for most people, as it’s big enough to use your tablet for almost everything. It also means that the tablet is still portable enough to carry around with you.


Once you’ve decided on the size of the tablet you’re looking for. You can then start having a look on the internet or your local high street for a tablet that suits your needs.

The resolution of the display is really important when choosing your tablet. It also depends on who the tablet is for. If you’re buying a tablet for a child then a lower resolution would be a better choice than a tablet with a high resolution.

Lower resolution Android Tablets are more suitable to children and older people who struggle with small text
Lower resolution Android tablets are a better option for some

Higher resolution displays mean more information can be shown on the display at any one time. Most people look for the highest resolution possible because you get a much better quality image than you’d get from a lower resolution device.

However, you need to ensure if a high-resolution display is right for you. If it’s too high you may struggle to read the text. This is more of an issue on a tablet than a monitor connected to your computer. This is because it also means you’ll find it more difficult to click on links if the text is too small.


The different display resolutions available on tablets is huge when comparing to the resolution options available on other displays such as a laptop computer. This can make it more difficult to choose the right resolution size that is perfect for you.

The resolution also depends on the size of the display. A resolution of 800 x 600 on a 7-inch display is not going to look too bad. However, the same resolution on a 10-inch display would look absolutely awful. So when you’re considering the resolution you also need to consider the size of the display.

An 800 x 600 on a 7 or 8-inch display is the perfect choice for younger children. This is because the text will be much larger and clicking on links will be much easier. It may also be a better choice to choose a lower resolution if you are of older age and find reading small text difficult.

larger tablets are more popular than smaller Android tablets.
The display size is a factor when choosing the resolution

If you’re looking for a tablet to watch movies on then you’ll want to look for a display that offers High Definition. This is because most movies, at a minimum, are displayed in HD at 1080p. This makes a tablet with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 perfect for movie lovers.

You can, of course, get tablets with a higher resolution than HD. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution the higher the cost of the tablet.


The brightness of the display may not appear to be that important. The problem is when it comes to using a tablet outdoors, then the brightness becomes a real issue. The only way you can tackle reflections outside is by increasing the brightness of the display.

Most decent tablets come with Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the display. The problem with glass is that it causes reflections. So if you’re looking for a tablet that you want to use outdoors, you need to make sure the display is capable of delivering a brightness that can combat reflections from the sun.


This is definitely the most important factor when considering buying a new Android tablet. If the display quality is important to you, then you need to check the type of display panel.

The display panel will determine how good the quality of the images and text are on the tablet’s display. It’s also an important factor when considering the viewing angles you’ll get from the tablet.

The Samsung Tab S5e has a great display
Samsung Tab S5e comes with a great LCD IPS display panel

If you’ve ever bought a really cheap tablet you’d have noticed that the display let it down. It may have looked fine when looking directly at the display. However, if you were looking at the display from a side angle or the display was placed flat on a surface. The display deteriorated rapidly. If you’ve ever noticed this, it’s because the tablet used poor display panel technology.


If you’re looking for a tablet with a decent display then you should be looking for either an LCD with IPS or an LED display with AMOLED technology.

Both IPS and AMOLED offer a great display panel. You’ll notice that the image on the display does not deteriorate if you are looking at the display from an angle.

You’ll find that cheaper tablets offer an LCD display. If you do opt for an LCD display it’s really important that you also ensure it comes with IPS. It’s the IPS that ensures you get much better viewing angles.

However, if you’re after the best-looking display you can get on a tablet then AMOLED is considered the best. The problem is AMOLED is a lot more expensive to make compared to LCD, so you will have to pay more for a display offering an AMOLED panel.

If you stick to either LCD with IPS or AMOLED, then you should see that the display quality should be pretty decent. However, it’s also important to read reviews about a tablet’s display before buying. This is because you could get two tablets that both offer LCD and IPS, but one can still be better than the other.

That being said, if you only consider tablets with an IPS panel as a minimum, you should end up with an Android tablet with a pretty decent display.