Using PDFs on your Chromebook is continually improving

If you wanted to work with PDFs on your Chromebook a couple of years ago you would have limited options. In fact, working with a PDF on ChromeOS would have only been possible if you installed an Android app.

The good news is all Chromebooks are now Android App capable, so there are many apps you can choose from. Therefore, I’m sure you would have found a solution to fix any issues you come up against when working with PDF documents.

More of us are now working from home and if you need to work with PDFs on a daily basis. Having a system in place to do what you need to do with your PDFs is vital.

What is a PDF document?

A PDF document is something you can create with software such as Adobe Acrobat. However, there are many other software solutions you can use today to create PDF documents. There are many companies around the world that use PDF documents, and you can also receive PDF documents from your bank or utility companies.

Thankfully the ability to read PDF documents today is much easier than it was five years ago. You no longer need specialist software such as Adobe reader installed to read PDF files. This is good news because the ability to read PDF files is the most basic function most people would be looking for.

There are other things you may want to do with a PDF such as editing. This is where you tend to need to look for specialist software. Luckily, a ChromeOS update, which has been available for a while now allows you to edit PDF files on your Chromebook. This lets you edit PDF files directly from ChromeOS without the need for any other software.

Editing PDF documents on your Chromebook

The update mentioned above, which gave you the ability to edit PDF files was very welcome. In fact, I took advantage of this functionality a lot when I was applying for new jobs. The fact that most people now work from home, which has continued even now the pandemic has passed. Not only changes how employees work; it also changes the recruitment process.

A lot of recruitment is now done remotely. This includes applying for jobs and arranging interviews. It’s also the case that even most interviews are now done remotely over video. If you’re lucky enough to be offered a job; you’re then usually sent the contract and other important paperwork to complete by email.

This isn’t about the company saving money on postage, which is obviously an advantage. It’s because employees who work in recruitment are also working remotely, and therefore don’t have the facility to send letters in the post for you to complete.

This means employment contracts and any other important paperwork is usually sent by PDF. It’s really important to get this paperwork back to your new employer as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in starting your new role.

This is when PDF documents are usually used. If you don’t have the ability to edit PDFs to sign a contract for example. This would mean you would end up having to print off the paperwork to sign and return by post. Therefore, I was really happy that I was able to use my Chromebook to do everything needed without leaving my desk. It of course helped that I was using my Asus CX5 Chromebook and Logitech Stylus, which meant I could sign the contract without printing any paperwork.

More PDF functionality is on the way

All of these improvements make it much easier to edit and view PDFs on your Chromebook. Being able to edit PDFs without the need for third-party software is excellent. When you consider how lightweight ChromeOS is that’s pretty amazing.

Soon we’ll see even more functionality built directly into ChromeOS. As shown by About Chromebooks an update is on the way, which will offer text recognition. This means you can open a PDF or scan a document and the built-in software will automatically recognise the text on each page. This will then allow you to use this text in other documents and reports.


Working with PDFs is now an easy process on your Chromebook. Again showing that ChromeOS is a great choice not only for the consumer but for education and business. This PDF functionality is a fantastic addition to ChromeOS and considering it is all available from within ChromeOS is impressive.

The days of struggling to work with PDF documents are over. Another great achievement, which clearly shows Google and the ChromeOS team are constantly working at making the Chromebook the number one choice.