Ability to use Google Photos on your Chromebook wallpaper coming soon

Chrome OS is a great operating system because it’s fast, secure, and easy to use. That also means Google needs to consider new functionality very carefully. Therefore, it’s not possible to offer all the functionality you may love to see on Chrome OS as quickly as you’d like.

This is the compromise you make when using such a lightweight, error-free, and easy-to-use operating system. It would be all too easy to add all the functionality you could ever wish for. The problem with this is that you’d soon realise Chrome OS, once a fast OS, would be sluggish and frustrating to use.

That’s the last thing I’d like to see and I’m sure you’re thinking exactly the same. Who on earth would want another Microsoft Windows. A classic example of an operating system offering so much that it’s utterly frustrating to use. Therefore, I happily accept some things I’d love to see on Chrome OS may take a little longer to deliver.

The Chromebook desktop wallpaper

A classic example of something that could definitely see an improvement is the Chrome OS wallpaper. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far better than it was over a year ago. Back then, trying to find your own image to use as your desktop wallpaper was frustrating.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that your local images are grouped together, which makes it much easier to choose one of your own images. This is a vast improvement and is something I’m really happy to see.

Chrome OS wallpaper
Your local images are now grouped and easier to find when setting your Chrome OS wallpaper

Although we are pretty limited when it comes to setting a desktop wallpaper on Chrome OS. Google has done a really good job in keeping the wallpaper choices fresh. They continue to provide us with new images to use directly from Chrome OS. I really like most of the images available and I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your style.

Using Google Photos as your desktop wallpaper

When it comes to choosing your own images. You can obviously use images stored in Google Photos. At the moment it would simply mean visiting Google Photos and downloading the image you would like to use to your Chromebook.

In the future, you’ll have direct access to your Google Photos when setting your Chromebook wallpaper. This will make it much easier and will take less time as you’ll not need to visit Google Photos first.

An option I’m really excited about is the ability to choose a photo album. You can create a photo album in Google Photos and store specific photos in it. For example, you could have a photo album of your pet dog.

You’ll be able to set this album as your wallpaper, which will mean the photos stored in the album will be used on your desktop. Perhaps, giving you the option of how long it will be before a different image from the album is used.

This will be a great way to add a bit of extra customisation to your Chromebook. Something I’m sure most of us would be happy to see. It’s not yet available, but hopefully, we should see this functionality in the near future.

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