Upgrade your old PC or MAC to Chrome OS Flex

If you have an old PC or Apple Mac you may be interested to know that you can now install Chrome OS. Well, it’s a version of Chrome OS specifically made for PCs and Apple Mac computers.

This appears to be aimed at businesses and schools that have old computers lying around that they can no longer use. Microsoft Windows updates mean a new PC can be seen as obsolete just a few years after being bought. This can be a real issue for businesses or schools that don’t have the budget to keep upgrading their computers.

This is something I’ve always found frustrating with MS Windows. You can buy a PC and a year later it can be considered obsolete when it comes to using cutting-edge software. This is one of the reasons why I’ve never really had too much of an issue with the Chromebook AUE date. It’s more open and honest than just letting you realise the PC you spent a fortune on a few years earlier, is now ready for the scrap heap as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Schools and Business

Google uses this as a marketing tool for promoting Chrome OS Flex. Stating that managing end-user computing for businesses and schools for older computers is costly and time-consuming. Whether that is dealing with intrusive updates, slow boot times and everything else involved with managing older computers using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac.

This is where Chrome OS Flex will come to the rescue. Promising a very similar experience to what you get with Chrome OS. That includes the key selling points for Chrome OS, which is that it’s fast, secure and easy to use.

Children at school using Chrome OS Flex on Apple Mac
Schools will be able to bring old Apple laptops back to life with Chrome OS Flex

Google also confirms Chrome OS Flex was possible in part after they acquired Neverware in 2020. Pointing out that Neverware has already helped many businesses and schools make the switch to CloudReady. The ability to use Neverware technology and what Google can also bring to the table. Has allowed them to create Chrome OS Flex whilst integrating all the benefits of Neverware.

Chrome OS Flex

The first benefit of Chrome OS Flex is that it’s free to download directly from Google. Chrome OS Flex will bring the power of Google’s cloud-based management system. On top of that, it promises to bring old school and business computers back to life with Chrome OS Flex.

It will offer the same great speeds that current Chrome OS users experience. It also comes with the built-in virus protection that you get with Chrome OS. Essentially Chrome OS Flex is almost identical to Chrome OS, as it uses the same code base.

Another great benefit for schools and businesses when upgrading to Chrome OS Flex is Android Apps. The huge catalogue of Android Apps available from the Play Store will be a much welcome addition.


At the moment Chrome OS Flex is available in early access. This essentially means it’s available in the dev channel rather than the stable channel.

This will help Google deal with any bugs and fixes needed before Chrome OS Flex is rolled out in stable mode. Once a stable release of Chrome OS Flex has taken place. Any current CloudReady customers will be upgraded to Flex for free.

This is a great move by Google. It’s a fantastic way to try and get businesses and schools that do not have the budget to buy new PCs to try something different. If Chrome OS Flex is a success it will most likely see these schools and businesses make the full switch to Chrome OS in the future. You can find out more at the official Google Chrome OS Flex page.