Unable to connect my Pixelbook Go to an external display

I’ve owned many Chromebooks since they were launched and my latest is the Pixelbook Go. It’s been around for a couple of years but it is still the best Chromebook to beat, which is why it made the number one position on my Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022.

One thing I need when blogging is to have more than one display connected to my computer. A simple fact of blogging means you constantly need to check your facts and check out certain specs on devices you may be writing about.

Usually, I’d use my Chromebox for this, which I easily hooked up to a second display. On my Asus Chromebox I had one display connected via HDMI and the other via USB C. To do that I needed to buy an adapter, and it worked just fine without any issues. Find out more about how I connected my Chromebox to two displays.

My Pixelbook Go will not connect to a second display

Earlier today I wrote an article about how fantastic the keyboard is on the Pixelbook Go. Because of this, I’ve started typing a lot more of my articles on my Pixelbook. Until today I’ve been doing this away from my desk, so I’ve not had an opportunity to connect it to an external display.

external display connected to Pixelbook Go
My Pixelbook Go shows a black screen on the connected display

Today I need to have access to a second monitor, so I can check out certain specs whilst keeping my main display for typing. I assumed it would have been as easy as using the same adapter I bought for my Chromebox. If it worked on my Chromebox then I could not really see an issue with my Pixelbook Go.

However, sadly this isn’t the case. The Pixelbook Go only comes with USB type C ports, so any external monitor cannot simply be connected via HDMI. Because I used to connect two monitors to my Chromebox, one with HDMI and one via USB Type C. The same adapter I used for my Chromebox should have worked with my Pixelbook Go.

I checked what Google has to say

I quickly checked online and the first article is from Google. I was dreading reading something like the Pixelbook Go did not support an external display for some odd reason. However, the article clearly states you can connect an external display to your Pixelbook.

After reading all of the ideas to fix it and noticing I had tried all of the suggestions already apart from a hard reset. I decided to give a hard reset a try, but still no luck.

External display connected to my Asus CX5 Chromebook
The external display worked fine with my Asus CX5 Chromebook

I assumed it may have been something to do with the adapter and perhaps I had bought it specifically to work with my Chromebox. I decided to try and see if it worked with my Asus CX5, and it worked just fine using the same adapter.

I’m a little disappointed

I’m uncertain what the issue is because my adapter works with both my Asus Chromebox and Asus CX5 Chromebook. Therefore, I can’t see how the issue has anything to do with that. I just hope Google hasn’t done what Apple generally do and somehow made it where their products only work with a select few peripherals, which usually cost a lot more money.

I hope that isn’t the case because I really do love my Pixelbook Go keyboard so much. That I just find it much more enjoyable and faster to type with than any of my other computers. If I can’t connect it to an external display it will mean having to use two computers to get things done, which I would prefer to avoid.

If anyone has any ideas about what the problem could be. Then I’d really appreciate you leaving a comment below. I’ll continue to try and look into this further, but at the moment I’ve got other things I could be getting on with.

It’s just a shame that my Pixelbook Go, which I haven’t been able to fault since buying it a few weeks ago; may have a problem that is going to annoy me after all.

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    • That’s great thanks Richard. I did think it was most likely the adapter I was using. It works on other Chromebooks, so assumed it would work on all of them.

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