Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022

If you’re considering buying a new Chromebook in 2022. It’s only natural you’ll most likely want to buy one of the best Chromebooks available. This is why I’ve created this Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 list.

It isn’t all about the most expensive with the best specs. There is a lot more you need to consider than this. Being an owner of many Chromebooks since they were launched. I’m in a great position to know what exactly makes a Chrome OS laptop great.

You may be surprised by some of the laptops on this list. You would assume a new year would mean a list of brand new laptops. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. A newer Chromebook does not necessarily mean a better Chromebook, so you may already be aware of some of the Chrome OS laptops that have made it into the Top Ten Chromebook list for 2022.

1. Pixelbook Go Chromebook

The Pixelbook Go has been around for a couple of years now and I still see this as the one to beat. Being made by Google means you get a laptop that oozes style and it’s the best-designed Chromebook to date.

What I’ve realised from owning many Chromebooks is what makes a great laptop is a good allrounder. A laptop that can deliver on performance but is also light and compact enough to be usable in all settings. This is why I love the Pixelbook Go. I’ve owned too many Chromebooks that fail in some way, which simply isn’t the case with the Pixelbook Go.

The reason why the Pixelbook Go is still the most popular Chromebook is simplicity. Instead of Google bringing out their next laptop with all new features. They’ve offered us a laptop that just works. It isn’t a Hybrid 2-in-1, which allows you to use your laptop as a tablet. Some may be put off by this, but trust me a laptop in tablet mode isn’t anything to get too excited about. What really matters is whether it has a touchscreen, which the Pixelbook Go has.

Pixelbook Go is compact

Another reason why I love the Pixelbook Go is that it’s perfect for someone who needs a laptop to use when out and about. The fact it weighs just 2.6lbs and is extremely compact even with its 13.5-inch display is a big hats off to Google. I can’t stress how important it is for a laptop to be lightweight and compact.

This is the main reason why I’ve struggled with so many other Chromebooks I’ve owned. Yes, they have great processors and on paper, they look amazing. However, I really struggle with just how difficult larger laptops are when it comes to portability. Even if you don’t take a laptop out with you. Having a laptop that is easy to move around the home is also important.

Pixelbook Go offers an all over magnesium body

This is why I’ve not fallen in love with my much bigger 15.6-inch Asus CX5 Chromebook. Yes, it looks cool and has great specs, but it just isn’t something I can easily move around the home with me without worrying about damaging it. The Pixelbook Go is perfectly named because it’s just that, a perfect laptop to use on the Go.

Pixelbook Go is super cool

We can’t overlook just how cool this laptop is. I totally appreciate not everyone is too bothered about how their laptop looks. That being said, there are also a lot of people who are. If you like your tech to not only perform but look the part. Then there really isn’t another Chromebook that can beat it.

Made of magnesium rather than aluminium gives it a different feel and is one of the reasons why it’s such a lightweight laptop. It has lovely curved edges, which makes it really nice to hold in your hands.

Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 - Pixelbook Go

This is why I love Google products. It’s the same with my Android phone. I always try out different manufacturers but I always end up coming back to Google. They understand it isn’t just about performance, as people want to own tech they can be proud to own and the cool look helps with this. This is one of the reasons why so many ex-Apple users bought the Pixelbook Go. They wanted to try out Chrome OS but could not be seen with a laptop that didn’t look the part.

Pixelbook Go is everything Chrome OS is about

The simple fact is that Chrome OS is a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use operating system. Therefore, this is just what you need from your laptop. Something that does everything you need from a laptop without additional extras, which simply don’t offer much value.

I’ve never really got into Hybrid Chromebooks. Don’t get me wrong I love using a stylus with a laptop because it brings me so much fun. That is the only thing I could say is the benefit of having a 2-in-1, but not all of them support Stylus. Using a 2-in-1 just as a tablet without a stylus doesn’t feel natural at all. You’ve got a tablet and your fingers supporting the tablet are pressing into keys. It just doesn’t work for me.

Although you can get the Pixelbook Go with an Intel i7 or i5. The M3 model will be perfectly fine for most people. Apart from the extra processing power the i5 version offers. You may prefer this model if you’re looking for more storage space. The M3 model comes with 64GB and the i5 model has double the amount of storage at 128GB. I’ve just bought a new Pixelbook Go after realising it’s the one I prefer the most. I went for the i5 model mainly for the extra storage.

Pixelbook Go speakers and keyboard

It’s fair to say there aren’t many laptops out there that have great speakers. The argument has always been it’s very difficult to get good sound from such a small device. This is true to some extent but isn’t strictly the case. It’s only difficult to do this if the manufacturer is trying to keep the costs low.

When you’re spending a lot of money on a laptop then you should expect a decent sound. The good news is the Pixelbook Go has great sound quality considering the size of the laptop. It’s simply amazing. This is something Google does really well. Even my Pixel Slate, which is an incredibly slim tablet has amazing sound. It’s just something Google obviously cares about.

Pixelbook Go Keyboard

Something else they have put a lot of effort into is the keyboard. I’m a touch typist, so having a decent keyboard is really important. Thankfully, Chromebooks in general have got much better keyboards compared to five years ago. However, I’ve never used a keyboard, which is as good as the Pixelbook Go. It will offer any serious typist out there the most amazing typing experience. I’d go as far as saying there isn’t a laptop available of any type that can compete against this keyboard.

Chromebook SpecsPixelbook Go
Device TypeLaptop
ProcessorIntel M3, i5, i7 (eight-generation)
Storage64GB / 256GB SSD
Display Size13.3-inches
Screen resolution1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD) / 4K model available
Ports2 x USB Type C
Micro SD SlotNo
WebcamFull HD

Pixelbook Go Summary

If you want the very best that Chrome OS can offer then the Pixelbook Go is still the one to beat. Sure, there has been a huge number of new devices launched since. These devices obviously offer better performance because they have newer processors.

The problem is you can have all the performance in the world. If the laptop fails when it comes to being an allrounder. It will never be a Chromebook that will appeal to the masses.

If you want a laptop that cannot be beaten on style and build quality then the Pixelbook Go is still a great buy. It has a great display and offers Full HD resolution. You can go one step further and opt for the 4K model, but I’m not overly convinced that is needed on a 13.5-inch display.

2. Acer Spin 713 Chromebook

The second best Chromebook in 2022 is the Acer Spin 713. What I love about Acer is they’ve done the right thing here. Instead of bringing out a laptop and then moving on to the next thing. They’ve continued to improve the Spin 713 by bringing out a new model, almost every year with the latest processor and offering additional tweaks.

My Acer Spin 713 was purchased a couple of years ago, and there have been newer models released since then. This Chromebook is the one for anyone who needs a laptop to get work done. This is a serious-looking laptop for a serious worker.

When it comes to the build quality it is nearly perfect. I say nearly because I had a bit of an issue with how sharp the edges were around the USB ports, which meant I kept feeling I had a Chromebook that wasn’t smooth to hold. This may not sound too much of an issue, but if you want perfect build quality, these are the things that need pointing out.

One of the best things about this Chromebook is the display. Although it felt a little unstable at times, which I could never work out whether that was due to Acer or Chrome OS struggling with the resolution and aspect ratio. The display is simply stunning.

Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 - Acer 713 Chromebook

Acer Spin 713 has an amazing display

It uses a 3:2 aspect ratio as opposed to the more popular 16:9 widescreen. What this means is you get a lot more text on the display. Instead of having huge blank spaces on either side of the text when visiting websites. The display is taller rather than wider, so the space is used to display more text on the screen. This is one of the reasons why I think this laptop is great for someone who needs it for work.

Something else I love is the resolution Acer has used. Instead of offering the standard Full HD. They’ve gone with offering 2,256 x 1,504. This higher than Full HD is really noticeable and isn’t too high for the display. The resolution works amazingly well with the aspect ratio and 13.5-inch panel.

This was something I struggled with on the Pixel Slate. Don’t get me wrong the Pixel slate display is to die for, but the resolution of 2,000 x 3,000 on a 12.3-inch display meant it could be difficult to read text for long periods. I usually found myself having to increase the resolution on my Pixel Slate. This isn’t the case with the Acer Spin 713, Acer has got the screen dimensions and resolution spot on.

Chromebook SpecsAcer Spin 713 Chromebook
Device TypeHybrid 2-in-1
ProcessorIntel i3,i5,i7 (Multiple generations)
Storage128GB / 256GB
Display Size13.5-inches
Screen resolution2,256 x 1,504 (Higher than Full HD)
Ports2 x USB Type C, 1 x USB A, 1 x HDMI
Micro SD SlotYes

Acer Spin 713 Summary

What I love about the Acer spin 713 is that it offers something different from most Chromebooks. This is a seriously powerful laptop that has been paired with a stunning display. Considering the powerful processor I was also happy with the fan noise.

Whenever you look at buying an Intel i5 or i7 using the latest tenth-generation and above processors. You’ve got to be prepared for some fan noise. The great thing is I only really heard the fans kick in on the Acer 713 when I turned it on. Of course, they kicked in at other times when doing something really demanding, but those sorts of tasks are very rare on Chrome OS.

Compared to my Asus CX5, which admittedly has a newer eleventh-generation processor. The fan on my Acer was a lot less noticeable. The Asus CX5 fans tend to kick in even when you’re using Chrome OS for basic tasks. Something I find a tad annoying. The Acer Spin 713 fans are barely noticeable, which is great.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i

In third place is the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i. It would have been impossible to create a Top Ten Chromebook list without a Lenovo device being mentioned. They are the newcomers in terms of Chrome OS but they’ve given us some fantastic devices in the last three years.

What I love about Lenovo is that they are really competitive on the price front. You get a whole lot of processing power for your money. The Flex 5i is available with an Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor. Personally speaking, the i3 will provide most users with all the power they need. However, if you like to own a laptop with amazing performance then the i5 or i7 version may be more to your taste.

Although 4GB of RAM is more than enough for a Chromebook, yes even in 2022. I would try and choose one with 8GB of RAM. I say this because the processor is powerful and therefore it needs a good amount of RAM to work with. It makes no sense buying an Intel i3 or above eleventh-generation processor and pairing it with 4GB of RAM. Powerful processors need more RAM.

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i display

I’ve owned Chromebooks with many different display sizes. I truly believe the best display size for a Chromebook is anything between 12.5-inches and 13.5-inches. A 14-inch display is good but it makes the laptop much larger. The Lenovo Flex 5i 13.3-inch display with its Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 looks great.

Full HD resolution on a smaller than 14-inch display makes text look really crisp. The main reason I prefer a smaller display is simply down to portability. They are much easier to take out with you and much easier to handle at home. A larger laptop can seriously put you off even dealing with it on a regular basis. That’s what I’ve found from my own personal experience.

Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 - Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i

It uses the more traditional 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, which means watching Netflix movies will take full advantage of the whole display. It’s a pretty bright display at 250 nits, so you should have no issues inside. Obviously, when you’re outside in the sun IPS panels are not going to do as well as a cheaper TN panel. However, TN panels fail to impress in every other aspect.

The touchscreen and Hybrid 2-in-1 functionality mean you’ll be able to take full advantage of Android apps. I’m no big fan of 2-in-1 Chromebooks, but if that’s your thing you’ll be happy the Flex 5i has that functionality.

Chromebook SpecsLenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i
Device TypeHybrid 2-in-1
ProcessorIntel i3,i5,i7 (eleventh-generation)
Storage128GB / 256GB
Display Size13.3-inches
Screen resolution1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD)
Ports2 x USB Type C / 1 USB Type A
Micro SD SlotYes

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i summary

If you’re after a really nice compact laptop with Full HD resolution and touchscreen capability. Then the Lenovo Flex IdeaPad Flex 5i is a great option. It’s amazingly priced considering the eleventh-generation processors that come with this device. You’ll easily be able to carry out all the tasks that Chrome OS is capable of.

The storage options vary from 128GB to 256GB and this will mainly depend on the processor you choose. The higher-performing i5 and i7 models will usually come with 256GB and the i3 will come with 128GB. The good news is the storage is SSD rather than eMMC. This type of storage is far better and comes into its own when working with larger files.

4. HP 11 x 2 Chrome OS Tablet

HP x2 11 Chromebook

The first-ever Chromebook I owned back in 2011 was made by HP. Chrome OS has come a long way since then and HP has continued to offer us excellent Chrome OS devices. They were also the first manufacturer to even consider a Chrome OS tablet-style device, which I remember writing about back in 2019 when they launched the original HP Chromebook x 2. In that article, I wrote about whether the Chrome OS tablet will be something we’ll see take off. Well, fast forward to 2022 and we can definitely say they have.

Although HP created the first-ever Chrome OS tablet, Google also attempted it with the amazing Pixel Slate. On paper, the slate should have been a huge success but due to Chrome OS not working great with tablets back then and the high price meant it failed to take off.

After the Pixel slate, there was a big question mark over whether Chrome OS tablets would ever be seen again. Luckily for us, Lenovo took on the challenge with the hugely talked about original Lenovo Chromebook Duet. Yes, we’ve got Lenovo to thank for Chrome OS tablets being accepted by the masses. The Lenovo Duet was great, but the HP 11 x 2 Chrome OS tablet is a huge improvement.

HP 11 x 2 Build quality

What I love about the HP 11 x 2 is the build quality. A vast improvement on the original Lenovo Duet, which was cheaply made to attract a larger number of potential buyers. The HP 11 x 2 offers much better build quality. When the keyboard is attached it looks very similar to a Microsoft Surface Pro, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

HP x 2 11 Chromebook with Stylus

The tablet itself looks expensive and the curved edges make it really comfortable to hold in your hands. The kickstand is attached with a really strong magnet, which simply attaches to the back of the device. This is needed when you want to use the tablet as a Chromebook or if you want to simply elevate the tablet.

The keyboard is a huge improvement on the original Lenovo duet. For me, this is why the original Duet wasn’t an option. I need a decent keyboard, which I can use to type for long periods of time. The HP x 2 11 offers a much better keyboard, which again looks very similar to the keyboard you get with the surface pro.

HP 11 x 2 Display and Stylus

What I love about Chrome OS tablets is they truly do offer a 2-in-1 device. Something I really don’t think you get with Hybrid Chromebooks. When you want to surf the internet attaching the keyboard offers you a complete Chrome OS experience without any compromises.

When you want to relax in front of the TV or in the park a tablet generally offers a much better option. The display on the HP 11 x 2 will not disappoint. The 11-inch display is super small for a laptop, but not so much for a tablet. It comes with an incredible screen resolution of 2,160 by 1,440, so you’re getting more than Full HD on a display size of just 11 inches. That’s really impressive considering the price.

HP x 2 11 Chromebook - Top Ten Chromebooks 2022

The included stylus is also something I love about Chrome OS devices that have this option. I regularly spend time sketching on my Asus CX5 when I’ve got time. I just really enjoy it and it’s fun. What I don’t like is how awkward it can be sketching on a display of 15.6-inches. This isn’t going to be an issue with the HP x 2 11 as the 11-inch display is perfect to handle whilst drawing.

HP 11 x 2 summary

If you’re after a Chrome OS tablet with a great display then you can’t go wrong with the HP 11 x 2. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is going to work fine with most tasks you’ll be doing on your device.

It’s good to see that most models available come with 8GB of RAM. This will ensure all Android Apps should work really fast, which I think is an important factor when buying a Chrome OS tablet. After all, a Chrome OS tablet is definitely a good choice if Android Apps are important to you.

It’s a great step up from the original Lenovo Chromebook Duet. A perfect choice for anyone who needs a tablet first, but the ability to attach a keyboard and take advantage of what Chrome OS has to offer as a laptop.

5. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

It’s fair to say the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook didn’t go quite as well for Samsung as they had possibly hoped for. This is a real shame because apart from the issues surrounding battery life. This was and still is one of the best Chromebooks you can own.

It is a simply stunning laptop thanks to Samsung putting all their effort into the design. A beautiful laptop which would never fail to turn heads. The great news is that because of the issues around the battery life. You can usually get your hands on this device for a great price.

If you’re not looking to buy a laptop that you’ll be regularly using when out and about. Then you can forget any issues around the battery life because it just isn’t important. We’ve got to remember one of the reasons why the battery life was a problem and that is the amazing display.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook display

This is why the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a really good buy. Not only does it have an amazing build quality and sexy looks. It also comes with one fantastic display. If a really good display is something you want from a laptop. Then you really can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Chromebook. It’s worth pointing out that if you live in the UK you’ll not be able to get this device as it’s only available in the USA.

Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022 - Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Again, it’s another Chromebook that offers a smaller than the typical 14-inch display. At 13.3-inches you’re going to get the most amazing crisp images and text thanks to the 4K resolution. That’s a whopping 3,840 x 2,160 on a display size of just 13.3-inches.

This is a 2-in-1 Hybrid device, which means you can use it as a tablet as well. It also means it comes with a touchscreen display, which I think is vital if you want to make the most of Android apps. Let’s not forget the stylus, which is perfect for anyone who likes to get all artistic.

Samsung Galaxy Performance

Although it’s a couple of years old now do not for one second assume this laptop cannot perform. It’s true there are newer generation processors available now, but the tenth-generation Intel i5 processor used here isn’t going to let you down.

You’ll easily be able to carry out most tasks you can think of on a Chromebook. Perhaps not ideal if you want to check out the new Steam Alpha, but anything else will work at amazingly fast speeds.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage means you’ll be able to use any type of Android or Linux app without any issues. The SSD storage is also a welcome bonus because it’s far superior to the cheaper eMMC storage. You’ll notice this most when working with larger files and installing Linux programs.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook summary

If you want to get your hands on a stunning looking laptop then the Samsung Galaxy isn’t going to let you down. It isn’t just about how it looks because this laptop offers much more than just that.

The 4K display isn’t going to just impress you, it will simply blow you away. Obviously, you do need to remember such a high resolution on a small display might not be right for everyone. This is because the text will be really small and may be difficult for some to read.

That being said, for playing games in 4K, which is now possible with some game streaming platforms. Imagine how great games will look streaming in 4K? A word of warning though, you’ll need an amazingly fast and solid internet connection to stream 4K games.

6. HP x 360c 14c eleventh-generation Chromebook

HP x360 14c Chromebook

If you’re looking for a solid performing 14-inch Chromebook then the HP x 360 14c is a great choice. It looks the part and offers a Hybrid 2-in-1 experience. I’ve fallen slightly out of love with laptops with 14-inch displays or over. Personally speaking, I just find them rather difficult to manage and could never imagine using one to take out of the home.

That being said, they do have their place if you like a laptop with a larger display. It was once the case that a 14-inch display was the standard. Thankfully, this has changed in the last few years with many decent laptops now offering a smaller 13-inch display.

If you will be using your laptop at home for the majority of the time. Then the HP x 360 14c is a great choice. An upgraded eleventh-generation processor both available as an Intel i3 or i5 processor and 8GB of RAM means this laptop is a serious performer.

The up to 256GB SSD storage is another reason that makes this a premium laptop. The SSD storage is really noticeable when installing and uninstalling Linux Apps. It’s also a much more reliable storage option than eMMC. It’s also available with a Stylus, which is a great reason to buy a 2-in1 Hybrid device.

7. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5

If you’re looking for the upgrade to the original Lenovo Duet then this is it. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 is a great improvement on the original. The 13.3-inch display makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a laptop they can take out and about with them.

It’s got a much better keyboard than the original, which is largely helped by this being a larger device. The 13.3-inch display means Lenovo has had much more space to offer a keyboard that is much better for typing for long periods compared to the original.

The display has got a huge upgrade thanks to the OLED panel, which will make everything just pop. The super bright 400 nits rating means you should be able to use this device where you get issues with reflection from the sun. It comes with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and the Snapdragon processor is fine for most day to day tasks.

Available with RAM of up to 8GB and storage of 256GB means you’ll be able to use all types of Android apps on this device. The storage offered is the cheaper eMMC rather than SSD, which I guess is acceptable considering the price.

8. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

I’ve already talked about the battery issues with the original Chromebook. This is possibly the reason why we saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 about a year later. It’s a total downgrade compared to the original but that was the point.

Samsung had to deal with the battery issues and they did this by offering a less impressive display. Don’t get me wrong the display is still fine but the resolution offers a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 compared to the 4K you got with the original. You’ll still find images and text look great thanks to the QLED panel and they’ve kept the display nice and compact at just 13.3-inches.

Apart from the display, the build quality isn’t as stunning compared to the original. That being said, it still looks perfectly fine when comparing it to other devices you can choose from. It is available with many different processor configurations, so make sure you choose the right one for you before buying.

9. Asus C436 Chromebook

A Chromebook I was never a fan of when Asus originally launched it at the crazy price of over £1,000/$1,200. It was way overpriced considering what you got for your money. Since then Asus has had a knock on the head and realised their scandalous pricing didn’t impress too many people.

At a reduced price, the Asus C436 Chromebook is a much more attractive offer. It looks the part thanks to the super-slim chassis and it comes with that well known Asus silver chassis. We’ve moved on a bit since then, as I much prefer the colour contrast you get with the Asus CX5 or Samsung Go. That being said, it still looks great and is extremely compact considering it comes with a 14-inch display.

It’s super lightweight as well thanks to the magnesium body Asus chose rather than Aluminium. It has an amazing Full HD display with super-thin bezels around the screen, which is always something that I find impressive.

Available with different processor configurations from the tenth-generation processor family. You should easily find one suitable for your needs. It comes with 8GB of RAM and is one of the first Chromebooks that offered SSD storage. Storage tends to come in either 128 or 256GB options.

10. Acer 314 14-inch Chromebook

Acer 314 Chromebook

I couldn’t do a Top Ten Chromebook list without including a budget device that offers great value. After all, this is what originally made Chromebooks become successful. The great news is you can still get most things done on a budget Chromebook. That’s the beauty of Chrome OS being lightweight.

The issue with most budget Chromebooks is that they are let down by the display. I own a budget 11.6-inch Acer C722 laptop. Although it’s perfectly fine to use the TN panel does mean the display isn’t that impressive. Although the TN panel does mean it’s much better in the sun compared to IPS. That is where the good things about a TN panel end.

The latest Acer 314 14-inch Chromebook comes with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 and an IPS panel. When you consider you can get your hands on this laptop for less than £200/$200 that’s really impressive.

Perfect for anyone who wants a laptop without spending a fortune, but also wants a decent display. I’m really impressed to see Acer has not forgotten about people who want a decent laptop but don’t want to spend too much money. It’s available in touchscreen and none touchscreen versions, so make sure you choose the one you need before buying.

One thing to note though. There are many models of the Acer 314, which do not come with an IPS panel. Therefore, you’ve got to do your homework before buying to make sure you get the right one. In the UK, the latest Acer 314 is available at Currys.


I really hope you’ve found my Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 list useful. It’s been much harder this year to choose the best models. This is because we have a much wider choice to choose from now than we have ever had.

Because of this, it may mean there are devices not on this list, which are still great devices. However, I’ve had to choose the devices I think are the best devices overall. No matter what Chromebook you decide to buy. I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase because Chrome OS computers are fast, secure and easy to use. This makes them great for just about anyone.

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  1. i have 5 chromebooks, toshiba, toshiba chromebook 2, hp g2?g1, acer r13 and acer 513? a 15.6″ which is great so i disagree with the small display theory. i’m considering a lenovo c3, a steal at $249, and its 15.6″ bigger brother, the 3i, at 350. none of the batteries last more than 2 hours, that is why i need a new one. i have a chuwi surface book 8 copy and hate the keyboard since it doesn’t hold the screen up, so detachable keyboards are out. no use for 2in1, though my r13 is one. thanks for your summary, i’d get a gpgo if it were cheaper. my hp, with i5, was expensive but none of the orhers exceeded 300.

    • I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2 and for me, it was a great laptop. Amazing display considering it was a pretty cheap Chromebook to buy at the time. The Pixelbook Go is more expensive than many Chromebooks available. However, I’m sure you’d be happy with it and they are now available at a cheaper price. If you want one I’d recommend keeping an eye out for deals.

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