The Chromebox is the perfect choice for gaming on Chrome OS

When you think about Chrome OS; gaming isn’t something that many people would associate with the operating system.

This is understandable because until the launch of Android Apps on the Chromebook a couple of years ago. It simply wasn’t possible to play games on a Chromebook.

Fast forward to 2020 and you’ve got so many choices for playing games. Apart from Android games, which are great for passing time, and best played on a Chromebook. You also have a wide range of games available on Stadia and GeForce Now.

Both of these platforms offer games you may be familiar with if you’ve ever used a PlayStation. Also, GeForce now allows you to play games you’ve most likely played on a PC.

This is because GeForce now allows you to play games you’ve purchased from platforms such as Steam and UPlay. Not all games PC games are compatible with GeForce now, but a lot of the newer games are.


Although you can play games on Stadia and GeForce now using a Chromebook. If you prefer a desktop setup then a Chromebox offers you so much more.

First of all, GeForce now does not work too well with the trackpad on your Chromebook. So to get the most out of playing PC games on GeForce now you’ll need to use a separate mouse. This is easily done and playing games on a Chromebook works just fine.

However, for me, when it comes to playing PC games I prefer to be sitting at a desk with a nice big display to work with. A Chromebox is very similar to a desktop PC. It allows you to connect an external display, mouse and keyboard.

Asus Chromebox 3 connected to a 49 and 24 inch dual display
Asus Chromebox 3 connected to 49 and 24-inch displays

This means you’re not limited to the display of your laptop like you’d get if using a Chromebook. I’ve recently hooked up a 49-inch display to my Asus Chromebox 3 and got a second 24-inch display connected as well.

This means I can now play PC games how they are meant to be played. Yes, they can still be great on a Chromebook, but games are much more engaging when you’re using a bigger display.


Gaming platforms such as Stadia and GeForce now stream games directly over the internet. This means you’ll need a good internet connection to get the most out of playing games.

Although some Chromebooks may come with an Ethernet port. The majority of them don’t. The Chromebox, however, does have an Ethernet port available. This means you can connect your Chromebox directly to your router using an Ethernet cable.

By using an Ethernet connection you’re getting the best possible connection to the internet. This is vital when playing games. You can still play games over WiFi, but you need to take into account how far you’re away from your WiFi router.

Also, if you have a lot of people living in your home. If they are all connecting to the internet via WiFi. Then it’s more likely that you’ll come across lag and connection problems when streaming games.

Of Course, if you’ve got one of the latest Chromebooks that uses WiFi 6, and providing you’ve got a WiFi 6 router. Then having a poor WiFi connection because of too many people living in the home should not be much of a problem.

It’s still the case though that the best way to connect to the internet is via Ethernet. I’ve streamed games via WiFi and Ethernet, and I’ve definitely had a better experience using the latter.


You can of course use either a Chromebook or Chromebox to play games. I’m just glad you can now play console and PC style games on Chrome OS.

The Chromebook is more popular than the Chromebox. This makes sense because most people prefer a laptop. It makes it much easier to use your computer throughout your home. You can also take it with you when travelling away from home.

The thing is though, I do think the Chromebox is well undervalued for what it can offer. I’ve plenty of Chromebooks and just one Chromebox. I spend a lot more time on my Chromebox than any other Chrome OS device. Find out more about whether you should buy a Chromebook or Chromebox.

If I want to play Android games then I’ll always use a Chromebook. This is because having a touchscreen display is vital. The same if I’m just casually surfing the net whilst watching TV in the evening.

The rest of the time I use my Chromebox. I just feel more productive when sitting at a desk with a separate mouse, keyboard and monitor. When it comes to playing games, well personally, there is no contest. The Chromebox is definitely better when streaming games from Stadia or GeForce Now.