The Chromebook is finally getting a calendar

I love Chrome OS, but one thing I’ve missed from Microsoft Windows is the quick access to a calendar. It may not sound like a big deal. However, it can be really frustrating not having one. There are many times when you quickly need to check what day a date lands on.

You would assume it would be something that is easy to do. All of the great updates we’ve seen with Chrome OS and still no calendar. Sure, you can check the current date at the bottom right-hand side of the desktop. You cannot get a monthly overview, which is usually what you need.

A Calendar is coming to Chrome OS

I had a dabble with the upcoming calendar when I put my Chromebox in developer mode. Either I was doing something wrong or it just didn’t work. The good news is the calendar is not far off being complete. According to Android Police, you can now use the calendar in the Canary channel.

If you’re not wanting to put your Chromebook or Chromebox into the Canary channel. Then you’ll have to wait until it’s released on the stable channel. The Canary Channel is pretty stable, but it does require you to completely erase all the data on your device.

How to add Google Calendar

Until we get the calendar on the stable channel. There is a way to get quick access to a full month calendar view. It’s pretty simple to do and I use it all the time. I’ve made a YouTube video, which will show you how to add a calendar to your Chromebook.

It’s a good way of being able to take a look at the month ahead. It uses the Google Calendar, so you should see any meetings or important dates you’ve already added to it. It’s not as good as having a built-in calendar, but it works fine for me at the moment.