Should you buy a Chromebox?

When it comes to ChromeOS and the devices that run on it. It’s fair to say the Chromebox has always taken second place to the Chromebook. You can see this from the number of Chromebook devices available compared to the Chromebox. That does not mean you should not consider the Chromebox, as it’s the perfect choice for many. Let’s take a look at the Chromebox and why you might want to consider buying one.

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I love my Chromebook computers but when it comes to getting work done I always use my Chromebox. I’m simply more productive on my Chromebox and if you buy the right one, you’ll end up with an awesomely fast device. The best Chromebox to buy in 2019.

The main difference is that a Chromebox needs to be used at a desk. This instantly puts you in a position where you are less distracted by other things going on. Sure, you can use a Chromebook at a desk but it’s all too easy to end up on your sofa. This instantly makes you feel more relaxed and easily distracted by the TV or radio.


A Chromebox runs using the ChromeOS operating system exactly the same as the Chromebook. The main difference is that it’s a desktop device. When you think about a desktop computer you immediately think about a huge computer you may be familiar using with Microsoft Windows.

The Chromebox is much smaller than a traditional desktop PC and takes up a lot less space on your desk. This means you have a lot more desk space available for other items. It also means you can get away with having a much smaller desk, which is perfect for those who have limited space for a desktop setup.

A Chromebox is much smaller than a traditional desktop PC
The Chromebox is much smaller than a traditional desktop PC

Just like any other desktop computer, the Chromebox contains the processor, RAM and storage. The keyboard, mouse and monitor are purchased separately. This can make the initial purchase more expensive than a Chromebook because you need to consider the extra cost involved in buying these items.


Buying a Chromebox compared to a Chromebook gives you more choice. This is great for anyone who wants to buy a specific monitor. When you buy a Chromebook you have to accept all of the specifications that particular laptop offers. The Chromebox allows you to choose the type of keyboard, mouse and monitor.

This means you decide how much you spend on the extra items needed. You can spend very little or break the budget by hooking up an amazing monitor to your Chromebox computer.

This is one of the reasons why you can be more productive on a Chromebox. Not only are you forced to sit at a desk, which immediately puts you into work mode. You can also choose the size of your monitor to suit your needs. If you spend your day number crunching on spreadsheets. It’s much better to use a 32-inch display than a typical 14-inch display available on a Chromebook.

you can choose your own display with a Chromebox
You can choose the monitor to use with a Chromebox

Also, using a mouse over a touchpad can also be more productive when it comes to working. A mouse is much easier to use than a touchpad.

This is the same when it comes to choosing a device for typing. We have recently seen a couple of Chromebooks launched with a separate number pad. However, most Chromebook devices do not offer this. You’ll not have this problem with the Chromebox because there are hundreds of external keyboards available to purchase, so finding one to suit your needs is a much easier process.


If you want to add extra storage to a Chromebook you need to use either USB storage or a Micro SD card. Adding an external hard disk is an option, but it means having to constantly hook up the hard disk. This is not practical when using a laptop computer.

The Chromebox like any other desktop computer has a permanent home on your desk. This means you can easily add extra storage by using an external hard disk. This gives you a lot more choices and options when adding extra storage to your Chromebox.

You can easily add an external hard disk to a Chromebox
Adding an external hard disk is an easy process with a Chromebox

External hard disks are more reliable and faster than MicroSD or using USB storage. You can of course still use these with a Chromebox but it’s a much better choice to use an external hard disk drive. There is a huge choice when it comes to buying an external hard disk and you get a lot more storage for your money.


Although it’s true there is a lot less choice when buying a Chromebox compared to the Chromebook. This does not mean you should look at the Chromebox as an inferior product.

The Chromebox computer gives you more choice on your end setup. It’s ideal for anyone who wants more choice when deciding the type of monitor, keyboard and mouse they will be using with their computer.

You’re not limited when it comes to storage either, so you get a true desktop experience when using a Chromebox. You get all this together with the amazing ChromeOS operating system. If you need to be productive and want access to ChromeOS, then you’ll never look back once you’ve bought a Chromebox.