Should you buy a Chromebox

I’ve been using Chrome OS devices since they were launched back in 2011. The first device I used was a Chromebook, which you’ll most likely be familiar with. However, you may not be as familiar with the word Chromebox.

The Chromebook simply means a laptop running Chrome OS. Because Chrome OS was originally available on laptops. The Chromebook name has become so popular that everyone tends to refer to any device running Chrome OS as a Chromebook.

The Chromebox, however, is in fact a desktop computer running Chrome OS. It might not sound as sexy and exciting as a laptop, but don’t be fooled. The Chromebox is a great computer and is definitely something you should consider if a laptop isn’t for you.


Chrome OS is the operating system used on the Chromebook. The same operating system works perfectly well on a desktop computer. In the Google world that is called a Chromebox.

I have a wide range of Chromebooks around the home, but I spend most of my time using a Chromebox. This is because it’s a desktop PC, so I am sitting at my desk when using it. I’m much more productive when sitting at a desk. This means I always get much more done on my Chromebox than I would on my Chromebook.

So if you’re after a computer running Chrome OS but a laptop isn’t for you. Then you should consider a Chromebox. It offers the same functionality. The main difference is you choose your own separate display, keyboard and mouse.

Find out whether you should buy a Chromebook or Chromebox. If a desktop PC isn’t for you then take a look at the top ten Chromebooks in 2020.