Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review – It’s a great tablet

When it comes to Android tablets one of the best manufacturers is Samsung. They’ve been making Android tablets for many years and is the Android alternative to Apple. You do of course get other manufacturers making Android tablets, but none of them can compete with what Samsung offer.

We’ve got a lot to thank Samsung for because nearly all of the tablets they make offer great design and excellent features. So if you’re looking for an Android tablet and want a tablet with a bit of class. Then you’ll not really go wrong when choosing Samsung.

The tablets they design vary dramatically in price and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one of their pricier tablets. If you’re looking for a budget tablet this is probably not the one for you. If on the other hand style and performance are more important than price. Then you’ll be interested in reading this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review.


A tablet is one of those purchases we get excited about. After all, how can you not get excited about buying a new tablet? It’s an essential bit of kit for anyone looking for a device to surf the internet, catch up on social media, watching the latest blockbuster movies or playing Android games.

This means we’ll be using our tablets a lot, so we want something that not only performs but looks good as well. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 certainly delivers when it comes to looks. It’s a super-slim tablet that you’ll struggle not to fall in love with when you get it out of the box.

The all-metal design makes you instantly realise you’re dealing with a premium tablet. Lovely curved edges not only makes it look great it’s also practical, as it makes holding the tablet when travelling comfortable and easy to handle.

Samsung S6 Tab has excellent build quality
The build quality of the Samsung S6 Tab is excellent

It’s just 5.7mm thick or should I say thin and weighs in at just 420g/0.92lbs. This makes it an extremely easy tablet to carry around with you when away from home. It’s also been designed to easily attach a keyboard thanks to the connector found on one side of the chassis when holding horizontally. On the other side, you’ll find the power button and volume rocker.

If you’re considering connecting a pair of wired headphones you may be disappointed because there is no headphone jack. Many of us use Bluetooth headphones today, so this may not be a problem for most. However, if you are considering buying the Galaxy Tab S6 and own a pair of wired headphones. You’ll have to buy an adaptor to convert the USB Type-C port into a headphone jack.


When it comes to performance you’d expect to see something pretty good considering this is a premium Android Tablet. The good news is your expectations are truly met, which is thanks to the top of the range Snapdragon 855 processor.

Whether you’ll be using your tablet to surf the internet, stream HD movies or play the most advanced Android games available. You’ll come across no problems with performance, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 performs all of these tasks with ease.

It comes with two different configurations when it comes to the RAM though. You’ll find a 6GB and 8GB version are available, which is more than enough. If you like your really advanced Android games, which use cutting edge graphics. Then you’ll want to opt for the 8GB of RAM. However, for anything else, the 6GB RAM version will be more than enough.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 offers excellent performance
Excellent performance for gaming and streaming HD movies

The storage available is also offered in two different configurations. The cheaper model comes with 128GB and the more expensive comes with 256GB. This is more than enough storage for most people, but if you really do love those Android games, which take up huge amount of space. Then you might do well by opting for the higher storage on offer.

I can confidently say you’ll be happy with the performance the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 delivers. That is what you get when you opt for a cutting-edge processor such as the Snapdragon 855 processor, which is helped dramatically by the 6 or 8GB of RAM.


I don’t know about you, but one of the most important factors for me when buying a new tablet is the display. There is no point in having a fantastic processor and plenty of RAM if the display offered is sub-standard.

You certainly don’t need to worry about the display if you’re considering buying the Galaxy Tab S6 because it’s simply stunning. This is mainly thanks to the Super AMOLED display, which Samsung are famous for. Yes, that 10.5-inch display with 2560 x 1600 resolution looks amazing.

The panel makes everything come alive with really deep blacks and wonderfully vibrant and vivid colours. This really makes the Samsung Tab S6 an absolute pleasure to use. Whether you’re playing games or watching your favourite film. You’ll be stunned by the display quality on offer here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 available in different colours
It’s available in different colours


Another great feature of the Tab S6 is the stylus, which you’ll be happy to know comes included with the price. So if you like nothing better than sketching to pass the time then this tablet will be perfect.

When you’ve finished being all creative you’ll find the pen comes with its own docking station on the back of the tablet. A magnetised area where you can simply attach the stylus to the rear of the device. This also acts as a charging dock for the Stylus and it takes around 90 minutes to charge the pen fully from empty.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the perfect Android tablet for so many reasons. It’s a great all-rounder.

Whether you want a tablet to surf the net, stream movies or listen to music. You’ll be really happy with what this tablet offers. This is because the display is amazing and the four AKG tuned speakers offer excellent sound quality.

The processor is really powerful, which makes it perfect for Android gamers as well. Also, if find you have some time on your hands when travelling. The built in stylus is a pleasure to use for casual doodling.

All in all, You’ll not really go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy TAB S6 Android Tablet.