Samsung Galaxy Go Chromebook let down by poor display – It’s a shame

I was going to start off by saying I’ve always liked Samsung products, then realised how awful their products were many many years ago. I guess that’s me showing my age a little. Obviously, in the last 10 or even 15 years Samsung has become one of the most popular tech brands around.

I’ve never owned a Samsung Chromebook because they’ve only recently started selling laptops again in Europe and the UK. If you live in the USA you’ve had the opportunity of buying some great devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.

The news last year about Samsung selling laptops again in Europe got me really excited. I’ve always thought there would be many people in Europe who would like to get their hands on a Samsung Chromebook. As I said, it’s their ability to offer fantastically looking cool tech that appeals to many Samsung customers.

Samsung Galaxy Go Display is awful

What amazes me with the Galaxy Go Chromebook is that Samsung must have considered how it would impact their brand. Anyone who buys tech on the basis of the brand only assumes it will be a quality product. However, they would be totally let down if they bought the Samsung Galaxy Go Chromebook.

Samsung Galaxy Go Chromebook
SD resolution on a 14-inch display isn’t going to look good

Sure, it may look good on the outside and the internals are fine for the price. However, I can’t imagine anyone being amazed by the display. This isn’t because they’ve opted for a cheaper panel, which is something you can find with cheaper Chromebooks. It’s more to do with the SD resolution they have used on a 14-inch display.

I thought we had moved away from Chromebook manufacturers offering 14-inch Chromebooks with a resolution of 1,366 by 768. This resolution is acceptable on a budget 11.6-inch Chromebook, but it would look so silly on a 14-inch laptop.

It does not look good for the Chromebook

Another reason why I get frustrated by this is that it could give a bad impression of Chromebooks. If someone did happen to buy a Galaxy Go Chromebook because they trust the Samsung brand. When they were presented with such a poor display. Would they think Samsung must have got it wrong this time, or would they assume this is just how Chromebooks are?

I would suggest a lot of people who had not owned a Chromebook previously would just assume this is how Chrome OS displays look. This really isn’t a good approach as it continues to make Chromebooks look cheap. Something that we should have moved away from five years ago.

Samsung Galaxy Go
The Galaxy Go looks great but is let down by SD resolution on a 14-inch screen

I’m also amazed that Samsung would be happy to release a 14-inch laptop that looks so cool but be perfectly happy to offer a standard resolution screen. If you’ve ever used a laptop with SD resolution. You’ll know that it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Full HD. As I said, it’s acceptable on an 11.6-inch display. On a 14-inch display, SD resolution looks awful.

Samsung Galaxy Go is now being sold in the UK

I’ve recently noticed that Argos in the UK is now stocking the Samsung Galaxy Go. I’m sure because of how it looks many people will buy one without realising the display isn’t going to be that great. Perhaps some users may be perfectly happy with the resolution, but I’m sure most will be let down.

This is why I can’t recommend the Galaxy Go Chromebook to anyone. Samsung should have put in a bit more effort and offered a Full HD resolution. Even on an 11.6-inch display SD resolution can sometimes look pretty bad, so you can just imagine what it would look like on a larger screen.

I just hope people do not assume this is how Chromebooks are. There are much better options in the budget range of Chromebooks today. It’s just a shame that manufacturers still feel it’s acceptable to offer a display of this resolution and expect it to work well on a 14-inch display.

There is some good news

The good news is that Samsung has fixed this problem with their latest Chromebook. The Samsung Galaxy 2 360 Chromebook has the same great looks as the Galaxy Go. The main difference is that Samsung has used a Full HD resolution display.

It’s fair to say the Galaxy 2 360 is a lot more expensive than the Galaxy Go. However, I’d rather pay the extra price and get a display that will look good. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against budget Chromebooks. I own one myself, which is the Acer 311 C722. This Chromebook uses SD resolution but it can get away with it because of the 11.6-inch display.

I guess I’m trying to put a message across here. Budget Chromebooks are perfectly fine and are a great choice for many people. I’m just not sure I can say the same for a Standard Resolution of 1,366 by 768 on a display of 14-inches or above. A list of Chromebooks with great displays can be found in my Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022 list.