Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specification review

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released following the battery issues around the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Although the original is a great laptop because it had such high specs. The battery did not last as long as some would have hoped. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released to fix that. To do this Samsung offered a laptop with lower specs. That does not mean the Galaxy 2 isn’t a great Chromebook though.

If you love all things Samsung then the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a great choice. It’s available in Fiesta red, which was the striking colour that caught peoples attention with the original. If the red is a bit too much for you though. You can also get it with a grey chassis. It’s worth noting this Chromebook is only available in the USA.

Build Quality

The Samsung Chromebook Galaxy 2 is a laptop that will stand out from the crowd. It has an all-over aluminium chassis, which is what you’d expect at the price. The inside is plastic. Most medium-spec Chromebooks are all over aluminium. This helps to make the laptop look cool and sophisticated and you’ll have that feeling of a premium laptop when handling it.

It’s a Hybrid 2-in-1 Chromebook, which means the lid rotates allowing you to use it as a laptop or a tablet. Not all Hybrid 2-in-1 Chromebooks work as far as I’m concerned. For a 2-in-1 to feel right the body needs to be a solid block. Laptops with curves in tablet mode just feel and look awkward. You don’t get this problem with the Galaxy Chromebook 2, which is great to see. It weighs in at 2.71lbs, so it’s pretty lightweight.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 red chassis
The Samsung Chromebook 2 looks beautiful

Galaxy Chromebook 2 Performance

You’ll not be disappointed with the performance of this laptop. The great thing about Chrome OS, which is the operating system used to run Chromebooks. Is that it’s really lightweight. Therefore, you don’t need to have a lot of processing power to get decent performance. The Galaxy 2 comes with an Intel i3 tenth-generation processor. There is now an Intel Celeron version of this laptop. This will offer a more basic performance and is more suitable for internet surfing, streaming movies, social media and most Android apps.

Intel i3 Model

You’ll be able to do everything you can think of on this laptop. Whether that is the basics such as internet surfing and streaming movies. It will perform these tasks without any issues. Also, the more advanced tasks you’d use a Chromebook for such as Android apps and Linux Apps will work perfectly with the Intel i3 model. You’ll definitely not find yourself in a situation where this processor is going to cause you any issues.

When it comes to the RAM. There are two models available. One comes with 4 GB of RAM. This is more than enough to carry out the basics. In fact, even using Linux and Android apps will work just fine with this amount of RAM. However, if you would prefer to have a laptop with better performance. Then you’ll find the 8 GB model provides this. Having double the amount of RAM will work perfectly with this processor, and you’ll notice the difference. Find out how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

Configuration 1Intel Celeron4 GB
Configuration 2Intel i3 dual-core
10110U tenth-generation
2.1 GHz base / 4.10 GHz turbo
4 GB
Configuration 3Intel i3 dual-core
10110U tenth-generation
2.1 GHz base / 4.10 GHz turbo
8 GB
Chromebook Processors

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 storage

You also get two options when choosing the amount of storage you’d prefer. I do like it when manufacturers offer more than one configuration. It stops you from spending more money than is necessary. You can either opt for 64 GB of storage or 128 GB of storage. Both storage options are pretty decent but how much you’ll need depends on what you’re buying a Chromebook for.

You need to look at storage differently when it comes to Chromebooks. You’ll not find 1 TB HDD as you get with an MS computer. This is because the Chromebook is a cloud computer. What this means is that you should save most of your files in the cloud. Saving files in the cloud with Chrome OS is easy and protects your files from being lost. By saving most of your files in the cloud. You only need local storage for the Chrome OS operating system and Android and Linux apps.

The 64 GB version will allow you to install plenty of Android apps. You could also install a few Linux apps without running out of space. The 128 GB version offers you a more future proof Chromebook. Having double the amount of storage will mean you don’t need to worry about running out of storage in the future. This is important if Android and Linux apps are something you’re really interested in.

Configuration 164 GB (eMMC)
Configuration 264 GB (eMMC)
Configuration 3128 GB (eMMC)
eMMC and SSD Chromebook storage

The Samsung Chromebook 2 display

You’ll not be disappointed with the display you get with this laptop. It offers a Full HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080, which is all you need for a display of this size. The 13.3-inch QLED display helps to make this a nice compact laptop. Great for use on the move. The display has excellent views no matter what the angle, which is what you’d want to see at the price. Much better than cheaper laptops that offer a TN panel where the viewing angles are just awful.

As I’ve mentioned earlier this is a Hybrid Chromebook, which also means it comes with a touchscreen display. This is great for anyone who wants to use Android Apps. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the aspect ratio most Chromebooks offer. A 3:2 aspect ratio that you get on the Acer 713 is a better option if you’ll be buying this laptop for work. This is because you get more on the screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio compared to 16:9.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 in tent mode
The Galaxy Chromebook 2 in tent mode

However, I have slightly changed my mind a little about this. I used to rave about the 3:2 aspect ratio compared to 16:9. What changed my mind is when it comes to using a laptop on the move. A 3:2 aspect ratio makes it a little more awkward to use when travelling. If you’re on a cramped train with not much space in front of you. Then a 16:9 is much easier to handle than a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Display SizeResolutionPanel TypeTouchscreen
13.3-inch1,920 x 1,080 (HD)QLEDYes
Chromebook Display Quality

Chromebook connectivity

The connectivity on the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is fine, but it lacks an older USB Type-A port. Considering this Chromebook is thicker than the original Chromebook to make room for a bigger battery. It would have been nice to see a USB Type-A port. Having one of these ports means you can still use older peripherals than run using this port. If you have any of these you’ll need to use an adapter. They are pretty cheap, but it’s a hassle having to hunt them down when needed.

Instead, they have provided two USB Type-C ports. This is the newer USB type port and is definitely a huge improvement. These ports also allow you to charge your laptop and hook it up to an external display. A Micro SD slot is also available, which means you can add further storage to your Chromebook at a later date.

A combo headphone/mic jack is available, which means you can use a pair of wired headphones. If you’ve moved over to wireless then you’ll be fine because this laptop also offers Bluetooth.

USB Type-A0
USB Type-C2
Micro SD slotyes
Headphone Jackyes

Is this Chromebook for you?

There is no question about it this laptop looks the part. Sure, it may not be as cool looking as the original Samsung Chromebook. That being said, it still offers an all-over aluminium body, but the inside is plastic. The Intel i3 processor is more than capable of doing anything Chrome OS offers, so you’ll have no issues there. The Intel Celeron version is still capable but offers much slower performance. Possibly not ideal if you want to use Linux Apps and advanced Android apps.

It’s good to see you get two options when choosing to buy the Intel i3 version of this Chromebook. The slightly cheaper model comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The more expensive model comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Personally speaking, unless you’re on a tight budget I’d get the model offering more RAM and storage. When I last checked the difference was only $50.

The display on this laptop will not let you down. If you love a great display then you’ll be amazed at the visuals offered here. The battery life is also a big improvement on the original. You’ll easily get ten hours from this laptop without the need for a charge. You can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy i3 model at Best Buy.

Automatic Update Expiry (AUE) date

All ChromeOS computers receive updates on a monthly basis. These updates bring new functionality to your Chromebook or Chromebox. Apart from offering some great new features with every update; these updates also ensure you’re safe when surfing online.

This is one of the reasons why ChromeOS computers are much safer than computers running on a different operating system. To continually improve ChromeOS and take advantage of the new technology found in the latest Chromebooks; all ChromeOS computers come with an AUE date. Once this date is reached your Chromebook will no longer receive automatic updates. Find out more about the AUE date and check the AUE date for any ChromeOS computer.

Where to buy

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