Samsung 4+ Chromebook Specification Review

The Samsung 4+ is a little different from most laptops and this is because the display is a huge 15.6-inches. When you consider most laptops range from 11.6-inch to 14-inch. That extra 1.6-inch will make a huge difference. Not everyone is looking for such a large laptop because people tend to buy a laptop to use on the move. You can still take this out with you, but whether it would be a practical choice for a portable laptop is what you’d have to ask yourself.

It’s the big brother of the Samsung 4 Chromebook, which offers a much smaller 11.6-inch display. Those smaller displays are a really good choice for anyone who needs a laptop for travelling. They do have some limitations. If you need a laptop where you would like to display a lot of information on the screen at once. Then this Samsung 4+ Chromebook might be just right for you.

Samsung 4+ Build Quality

The first thing we need to understand about the Samsung 4+ is that this is a budget laptop. Budget laptops are great because you can get one without spending too much money. That being said, you’ve got to accept a budget laptop will come with some compromises. The first is usually the build quality.

The Samsung 4+ looks the part, which is great and the aluminium lid helps to give it that premium-quality look. The rest of the body is made of plastic, which is what you’d expect from a budget laptop. In fact, a lot of budget laptops are plastic all over, so it’s good to see they used an aluminium lid to improve how it looks.

Samsung 4 + aluminium lid gives a premium feel
The aluminium lid makes it look more premium

It’s a laptop-only computer, which means you cannot use it in tablet mode. This isn’t something you need to be concerned about because a 15.6-inch tablet would look odd. Not only that it would be incredibly hard to handle. At the price this being a laptop only is fine, and not everyone is that interested in owning a 2-in-1 device.

Samsung 4+ Performance

The Samsung 4+ is shipped with an Intel Celeron processor. This is a pretty standard processor for a budget laptop. Nothing to be too concerned about because the great thing about Chrome OS is that it’s lightweight. This means you can still carry out most day to day tasks on this laptop. It’s a dual-core processor with a base speed of 1.7 GHz and a turbo of 2.6 GHz.

It comes with 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for the type of tasks you’ll do on this laptop. You don’t really need much more than what is offered here when it comes to RAM, so no issues there when it comes to performance. Unsure whether 4GB of RAM is enough. Have a read of how much RAM you should get for your Chromebook.

If you are looking for a laptop to stream Netflix or YouTube videos then this laptop will cope with this without any issues. It’s perfect for internet surfing, social media, word processing and spreadsheets. In fact, it’s great for spreadsheets when you consider you’ve got the extra space from the large display. Android apps will work fine, but some of them may perform slowly compared to a more powerful laptop.

Samsung 4 +Intel Celeron N4000
1.7 GHz / 2.6 GHz turbo
4 GB
Chromebook Processors

The storage

It comes with 32 GB of storage. This is the lowest amount of storage I would recommend for a Chromebook. When it comes to a budget Chrome OS laptop you would expect anything between 32 GB and 64 GB of storage. Although the 32 GB of storage is a little on the low side. One thing you need to remember is that the Chromebook is a cloud computer. This means you should be saving most of your files in the cloud. You get 15 GB of storage for free from your Google Account, so you might as well take advantage of that.

The storage is mainly needed for installing Android Apps. The 32 GB of storage means you’ll be able to install your favourite apps. However, you will not be able to install more than about 20 apps without running out of storage. Obviously, it will depend on the type of apps you’re installing because they vary dramatically in size.

Samsung 4 +32 GB (eMMC)
eMMC and SSD Chromebook storage

Samsung 4 + Display

I’ve already touched on the fact that this laptop comes with a whopping 15.6-inch display. This is great for anyone who wants a laptop for spreadsheet work. It uses a Full HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080, which is absolutely fine for a display of this size. This means you’ll be able to stream Full HD movies from Netflix.

It’s not a touchscreen, which means you will not be able to use all Android Apps. Most Android apps today work without a touchscreen. However, you may have some apps that you love that only work if you have a touchscreen display. Maybe you’ll need to check on this before buying a laptop without a touchscreen. If you need a touchscreen there are plenty of Chrome OS laptops to choose from.

Samsung 4 + keyboard lacks a separate numerical keyboard
The keyboard lacks a separate numerical keyboard

One of the issues with a lot of budget laptops is the panel. The display panel is really important because it dictates how good the images will be on the screen. The Samsung 4 + uses a TN panel. Although you’ll be able to view what is on the screen when you’re sitting right in front of it. This will start to get worse the less you’re sitting right in front of the display. Essentially a TN panel has pretty poor viewing angles. It’s not only that. Colours are less vibrant on a TN panel. If the display quality is important to you. Then I’d look for a laptop that has an IPS panel.

Display SizeResolutionPanel TypeTouchscreen
15.6-inches1,920 x 1,080 (HD)TNNo
Chromebook Display Quality

Chromebook Connectivity

The connectivity you get on a laptop is important, so you should check it has everything you need. The Samsung 4 + comes with 2 USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port. The Type-A port is the older type of USB connection. It’s good to see you get one of these because it means you’ll be able to use your older peripherals.

The two newer Type-C connections are great to see because it means newer peripherals will also work with this laptop. Also, Type-C allows you to charge the laptop and connect to an external display. If you need to add further storage down the line. You can easily do this because it comes with a Micro SD slot. Adding further storage with an SD card on a Chromebook is relatively cheap. A great way of adding further storage without spending too much money.

It also comes with Bluetooth, WiFi, webcam and headphone jack. This means you’ll be able to use wired or wireless headphones. It’s great to have the choice because not everyone uses wireless headphones.

USB Type-A1
USB Type-C2
Micro SD slotyes
Headphone Jackyes

Is this Chromebook for you?

If you’re after a Chromebook with a 15.6-inch display then you may be interested in this laptop. The only issue I would have is the TN panel. They are not great, so if you do end up buying this laptop. Do not expect to be blown away by the display. Personally speaking, I think the display quality is pretty important. Even more so when you’ve got so much of it sitting right in front of you.

It would have been nice to see a separate numerical pad on the keyboard. I think this could have been easily done considering the size of this laptop. The extra keypad would have made this laptop more appealing to anyone who needs a laptop for number crunching.

The performance is fine for day to day tasks, so you don’t need to be worried about that. Perfect for internet surfing or booking your next holiday. When you’re ready to relax for the day you can pop on your favourite Netflix program and watch it in Full HD. I’m just not sure about the TN panel. If the display quality isn’t a concern for you. Then you may be happy with what this laptop offers.

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