Samsung 4 11.6-inch Platinum Titan Chromebook looks the part

If you were looking for a Samsung laptop in the UK or Europe a year ago you would have struggled to find one. This is because Samsung stopped selling laptops, which included Chromebooks in 2014. Last year Samsung announced it would start to sell laptops again in Europe and the UK, which is great for anyone who likes the Samsung brand.

The great thing about Samsung is they always consider how a product looks rather than focusing just on how it performs. Of course, it’s important for both of these things to be considered. However, when it comes to laptops or any tech product for that matter. I much prefer owning something that looks super cool.

This latest Chromebook available in the UK the Samsung 4 is a cool looking laptop. If you live in the USA you don’t need to worry because it has been available there for some time now. It’s a budget laptop, which is perfect when using Chrome OS. This is because Chrome OS is lightweight enough to work perfectly well with a lower-powered processor.

Samsung 4 Platinum Titan Chromebook Build quality

It’s currently got an RRP in the UK for £299.00, and in the US it normally sells for around $229.99. Not the cheapest budget Chromebook out there, but it definitely isn’t a bad price to pay for a laptop. When you consider laptops running on Microsoft Windows can cost a whole lot more. What you get for the price isn’t too bad at all.

Samsung 4 Chromebook
Samsung 4 Chromebook looks sexy

First of all, as I’ve already mentioned it looks the part. Perfect for anyone who likes to own nice shiny things. Also making it ideal for anyone who likes to use their laptop in a coffee shop without getting embarrassed that your laptop looks cheap. This is the thing. It’s a relatively cheap laptop but it certainly doesn’t look like it.

To make it look more premium than it actually is. Samsung has used an aluminium lid, which gives the Samsung 4 its sexy looks. The base of the laptop is plastic, but this is done really well and they’ve managed to keep all of the screws out of sight. It’s a laptop only device, which means you can’t use it as a tablet. Also, they’ve decided to not offer a touchscreen display, which is fine for some. If you like using Android apps by interacting with the display using your fingers. Then you may want to look elsewhere.

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Performance, RAM and Storage

As you’d expect from a budget laptop it comes with an Intel Celeron processor. You should not let this put you off because this is perfectly fine for daily tasks. If you’re looking for a laptop to surf the internet, use social media or stream movies. Then you’ll find this Chromebook can cope with all of these perfectly fine. This is the beauty of Chrome OS, you don’t need a super-powerful laptop for daily tasks.

The RAM at 4GB is absolutely fine, and you would not need any more than this considering the processor that is used. Again, this will be more than enough for daily tasks, and it will cope with most of the Android apps available without any issues. Find out how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

The storage is a little on the small side at just 32GB. You should be saving most of your files in the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about storage for most of your files. Storage becomes important when you start to install Android Apps. This is because these apps need to install locally. You’ll be able to install a few Android Apps without any issues. However, you’ll not be able to get carried away when you’ve only got 32 GB to play with.

Samsung 4 display

The display is 11.6-inches, which is the standard display size for the smaller Chromebooks you can get your hands on. The resolution is the standard definition of 1,366 by 768, and you should not expect anything else at the price. Standard definition on a display of this size is fine, so I would not let that put you off buying this laptop. Obviously, Full HD would be nice, but you would not get that at this price on such a small display.

Samsung 4 display
Samsung 4 display isn’t the best

The panel doesn’t offer IPS. This is something you see a lot with budget laptops. Personally, I much prefer an IPS panel. I’ve got a budget Chromebook, the Acer 311, which does not offer an IPS panel. Although it’s perfectly ok to use if you’re sitting right in front of the display. Things do start to deteriorate pretty badly once you move away from sitting right in front of your laptop. It’s not only that. An IPS panel just looks so much nicer as well. Colours are more vibrant and images pop out at you. You just don’t get that when a laptop lacks IPS.

Should you buy the Samsung 4 11.6-inch Chromebook?

If you’re after a laptop without spending a fortune then you may be interested in the Samsung 4. The 11.6-inch display makes it perfect for anyone looking for a laptop to use on the move. It’s extremely lightweight and offers both USB A and C ports. This means you can use your older and newer peripherals without any issues.

If you’re worried about the storage you’ll be happy to know it does have a Micro SD slot. This means you can easily add further storage down the line. You need to remember though. You cannot install Android Apps on external storage.

It’s a relatively cheap laptop that will be fine for daily use. It’s not going to amaze you when it comes to performance. However, when it comes to how it looks. Well, that’s a different thing entirely. It looks pretty stunning considering the price.