Play games for free on your Chromebook with GeForce Now

The ability to play games on your Chromebook is great news. Thanks to GeForce now you can sync your Steam account with the service.

When you sync your Steam account with GeForce now it instantly gives you access to the games you have purchased on Steam. Not all the games you’ve purchased on Steam will be available. It will only show the games compatible with GeForce Now.

The great thing about syncing Steam with GeForce now is you also get access to a lot of free games to play. You’d be surprised just how many free games are available. I’ve just taken a quick look and there are over 70 gaming titles you can play for free on your Chromebook.

So if you’ve got some spare time on your hands and would like to play some games for free on your Chromebook. All you need to do is sign up to GeForce now and sync it with your Steam account.


Once you’ve created your GeForce Now account and synced your Steam library. You’ll get instant access to all the free-to-play games offered by Steam.

The type of games available varies and you’ll find titles such as Fortnite and World of Tanks. It’s a perfect way to spend your afternoon if you’ve got some time on your hands.

Play over 70 gaming titles free on your Chromebook
Over 70 gaming titles to play for free on your Chromebook

So if you own a Chromebook and want to get into some serious gaming. Then sign up for a GeForce Now account and sync it with Steam. If you don’t yet have a Steam account you’ll have to sign up for one of them as well.

Free games are a perfect way to see what type of games you like. Once you’ve played the free games available. You might want to see if there are similar games available, which you’ll also enjoy playing.

Well, that’s it for now as I’m off to play some free games on my Asus Chromebox 3.