Pixelbook Go is the laptop of choice if typing is important to you

The Pixelbook Go may have been around for a couple of years. However, it’s still the Chrome OS laptop to beat as far as I’m concerned. This is why I rated it as the best Chromebook you can buy in my Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022 list.

I’ve been looking for a new Chromebook to use on a daily basis for some time now. After letting go of my much-loved Asus C302 I needed a new laptop I could use for my blog. I decided to opt for the Acer Spin 713, which is a great Chromebook but I found it was far too big for daily use.

I tried out a budget Chromebook because there are many of these types of Chromebooks available with an 11.6-inch display. Although I have typed many blog posts on my Acer 311 C722. I was not really getting on with the display and the budget processor could sometimes be frustrating when used on a daily basis. I then made the mistake of buying the Asus CX5, which again was far too big, but even worse was dealing with the issue around the Asus CX5 speakers.

I bought a Pixelbook Go

Although I used the Pixelbook Go when it was first launched at a local retailer. I never actually owned one to use on a daily basis. I would have chosen the Pixelbook Go after letting go of my Asus C302. The one thing that was stopping me was knowing it had an AUE date of 2026.

Because of this, I decided to buy all the other Chromebooks I’ve mentioned above, which had updates until at least 2028. I was a little frustrated that none of the newer Chromebooks I bought could offer me what I needed, so I decided to ignore the issue around the AUE date and bought the Pixelbook Go.

I’m so glad I did because you can’t really get a good feeling for the keyboard at your retailer. Knowing whether a keyboard is right for you or not can only truly be decided after a few weeks of usage.

Pixelbook Go keyboard is utterly amazing

I’ve been using my Pixelbook Go for typing for about two weeks. I simply cannot describe how amazing the keyboard is. You never get the impression that you may have missed a key as you get with the Acer Spin 713. Every single key you touch provides you with enough feedback to know it has been registered.

Being a touch typist I really need a keyboard I can use that doesn’t slow me down. This is exactly what I get with the Pixelbook Go. Also, you don’t get the loud clicking sounds you get when typing on a normal keyboard. Google describes them as hush keys and I can totally see why.

Pixelbook Go keyboard
I can’t stop typing on my Pixelbook Go

I’m so impressed with the keyboard that it has stopped me from using my Chromebox as much. My typical day would start with me writing a blog post before I even get out of bed. For that, I need a laptop, and I’m so much happier typing now I own a Pixelbook Go.

I no longer use my Chromebox for typing

After I get out of bed, had a shower, walked the dog, and had some breakfast. I would normally head for my Chromebox to continue typing. There are two main reasons for this. I generally prefer using a desktop computer when sitting at a desk.

You don’t have to mess about carrying a laptop around with you as a desktop PC just sits in the same place. Also, my Asus Chromebox 3 means I can use a standard external keyboard, which is usually much easier to type with.

I’ve written hundreds of articles on my Chromebox but it has been used less often since I’ve owned the Pixelbook Go. The typing experience is so amazing that I simply cannot get enough of it. Even better, I’m typing faster on my Pixelbook Go than I’m able to type on any other keyboard.


If you’re looking for a laptop and typing for long sessions is something that you’ll be doing. Then I simply cannot recommend the Pixelbook Go enough. You will never look at any other laptop again after you’ve typed on the Go for a few days.

It normally takes a couple of hours to adjust to a new keyboard. However, I found getting used to the Pixelbook Go keyboard was almost instant. The backlit keyboard is also really nice to use in the evening, and trust me I’m doing this even more than I’ve ever done before.

I simply can’t get enough of typing on the Pixelbook Go. That is how good the keyboard is. It just makes you want to type because it’s such a joy to use. One of the best things is that you don’t get fatigued like you can get with other keyboards when typing for long sessions.

Even better is that you don’t even have to worry about the AUE date anymore on a Chromebook. Although it’s true once the AUE date has been reached you’ll stop receiving Chrome OS updates. You can now use a Chromebook safely after the AUE date, which is simply great news for Chromebook owners.

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  1. Oh how I agree. I’ve had my Pixelbook Go since 2019. Unfortunately, the camera died, and I need a camera as I do a decent amount of virtual meetings. So I bought the high end Samsung. Not the same kind of keyboard. My wife has the high end Samsung now. I just bought the high end ASUS. Also not the same. Returned it today. I’m spoiled by the best keyboard that I wish they still made. I would buy a new Pixelbook Go if they were still available. Funny how $1,000 Chromebooks in 2022, can’t compare to a Pixelbook Go from a few years ago. Know what I’m doing? Using my Pixelbook Go and keeping a spare Chromebook just for virtual meetings. I hope Google will reconsider and start making their own Chromebooks again soon.

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