Microsoft Access equivalent for the Chromebook

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Acess you’ll know just how powerful this database program is. It’s so powerful in fact it allows anyone to create bespoke programs for multiple users to use. The good news is if you’ve moved over to the Chromebook there is a Microsoft Access equivalent.

Libre Office, which is a free-to-use office suite is available for Chromebook users. One of the packages within this office suite is Libre Base. Libre Base is very similar to Microsoft Access and comes with all the powerful tools you get with Access.

The best thing is that it’s free to use, so you can try it for yourself without spending any money. To use it you will need to install Linux on your Chromebook. I’ve made a video to help install Linux and a Linux App Store on your Chromebook. This video makes it easy to find Linux apps to install on your Chrome OS computer.

Libre Office Base

Once you’ve installed Libre Office base on your Chromebook. You’ll notice a very similar look to Microsoft Access. This is because both work in very much the same way. This means you should be able to start using Libre Base without too much of a learning curve.

You will obviously have to get used to it working slightly differently. However, after using it for about an hour. I was pretty confident I understood how the basics work. This was due to the knowledge I already had from using Access many years previously.

Using Libre Office Base

It uses tables very much in the same way as access. You get the option to create these tables in design view or using a wizard. Just like with access you can easily add a primary key for each table. By doing this you can then create relationships for your tables.

Queries are also available and these will allow you to manipulate the data you have in your database. You can also create forms, which gives you the ability to display data from tables in a certain way.

The only main difference from what I can see is macros. Unlike Microsoft Access where you choose from a huge selection of functions to run after each other. It appears Libre Base macros are very similar to how macros work in spreadsheet programs. You hit the record key and then carry out the actions you’d like the macro to repeat in the future.

I’m not too sure whether I prefer this method. I need to spend more time using Libre Base before I can decide whether the macros are just as powerful.

Access Equivalent for the Chromebook

This is what I love about being able to use Linux on a Chromebook. It opens up access to a huge amount of different software programs. If you’ve not yet used Linux on your Chromebook. I would strongly recommend doing so. You’ll soon realise using Linux apps opens up your Chromebook for many different tasks.

I love Microsoft Access and I’m delighted to see there is an alternative if using a Chromebook. If you’ve been looking for a Microsoft Access equivalent for the Chromebook. Then I’d strongly recommend giving Libre Office Base a try.