MediaTek Kompanio 1380 brings Chromebooks closer to gamers

If you want to play games on your Chromebook then the best bet right now is to use a streaming service such as Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now. I’ve played many games using GeForce Now on my Chromebox and Chromebook and they work just fine.

The best thing is you don’t need to worry too much about the processing power your computer has. This is because when you stream games most of the processing is done on Nvidia or Stadia servers. All you need is a good internet connection.

Although it’s great that you can now play PC games using these services. It’s argued true gamers will not be happy until we can play PC games locally. Something that I’m not overly convinced about if we look ahead five years from now. This is because I think Streaming games is possibly going to be the way forward. That being said, at the moment people want to game locally, and there are some advantages to this.

Chromebooks fit for local gaming

At the moment we don’t have any Chromebooks that are truly up to the job for local gaming. The nearest one we have that has just been released is the Acer Spin 513. This device uses the latest MediaTek Kompanio processor.

It offers super-fast performance and more importantly, it comes with an integrated graphics card designed with gaming in mind. Yes, this is the closest Chromebook we’ve seen to date, which should allow you to play some games locally.

There is no question this Chromebook is going to offer amazing performance. I’m just not overly convinced the Graphics card is offering what you’d really need for intensive gaming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s much better than the graphics cards we’ve seen on previous Chrome OS devices. Whether it’s a true competitor to a Windows PC with a dedicated graphics card is a different story.


I’ll not be in a rush to go out and buy a new premium Chromebook just yet. We are now at a point where local gaming on the Chromebook is just around the corner. Once we have a stable platform to play games locally. We should see more Chromebooks released to take advantage of this.

At the moment we already have Chromebooks that offer amazing performance. In fact, you could argue they offer too much performance for what Chrome OS can offer. My recent purchase of the Asus CX5 with an Intel i5 eleventh-generation processor is without question too powerful for Chrome OS.

Don’t get me wrong I can browse the internet and have fifty windows open at the same time. The question is why would I want to do this? I still can’t play advanced PC games locally even on a Chromebook with this amount of processing power. Therefore, until the Steam Linux app is truly ready. I don’t see any point in spending money on a gaming Chromebook.