Material You will allow more customisation for your Chromebook

A few months ago I updated my Pixel phone to Android 12. One thing that I immediately notice is the stunning new customisation. The great news is this is now coming to the Chromebook, which will give you even more opportunities to customise your Chrome OS computer.

This really is good news. One thing I love about Chrome OS is how streamlined it is. By that I mean it runs super fast without any errors along the way. The downside to having such a streamlined OS is you have fewer ways to customise.

If we go back a few years there were very few options when it came to customising your Chromebook. This has thankfully changed a little over the years, but any new features to change things up a little is always welcome.

What is Material You

It’s just one of those weird names used when everyone gets together and asks “what can we call this?”. It’s essentially a way of customising your Chromebook to suit your needs. This is what’s great about it.

You may think changing a few colours is no big deal. However, I really would have to disagree with this. Since getting Android 12 on my phone I would not want to go back to not having the customisation options that I have.

There is something really nice about having the ability to change how the system looks. Being able to choose your own colours is really important. After all, you most likely use your computer for many hours during the week. Therefore, it’s vital you get it looking just how you want.

What Material You looks like

At the moment this is not yet available on Chrome OS. There has simply been a code entry, which was spotted by 9 to 5 Google. However, I know you’re eager to see what is coming in the future, so I’ve taken a few screenshots of my phone.

These screenshots show you what Material You looks like when running Android 12 on mobile. The first screenshot shows how it looks with green selected, and the second shows how it looks when I’ve selected the colour blue.

Material You Android 12 with colour green
Material You on Android 12 in green
Material You on Android 12 with colour Blue selected
Material You on Android 12 in blue

You’ll notice just by changing the colours what a big difference it makes. For example, I would never have my phone using the colour green, as it just isn’t me. However, the colour blue makes me feel happy and to me, it just looks super sexy.

This is what I love about customisation. It gives you the ability to change things to suit what you like. Although it isn’t yet available. I’m really happy Google is spending time on offering new features that aren’t just about functionality. Exactly how it will look is not yet known. If it’s anything like how Android 12 looks on a phone then I’ll be happy.


All these small changes that Google is making to Chrome OS are great to see. If I look back at all the places I’ve ever worked. One thing that people love to do is to change how their PC looks. We all like to show our own individual styles, and one way to do this is by customising your tech.

I’m looking forward to future updates of Chrome OS more than I’ve ever done. It just feels like Google is now in a position to really start pushing the OS to the next level.

As more people move over to Chrome OS from other computers. The need to have more features on Chrome OS is more important than ever. I’m feeling really positive about where we are at the moment.

We’ve seen some great new features in the last few months. Firstly, we saw the introduction of the Chrome OS calendar, which we’ve been wanting for years. Also, the new Chrome OS start menu looks far better than the current menu available by default what we currently get on Chrome OS 97.