Logitech Chrome OS Pen is perfect for kids and adults alike

If you own a Chrome OS device that offers stylus support. You’ll already know this extra functionality brings so much more to your Chromebook. After buying a Pixel Slate, which supported the use of a stylus. I don’t think I’d be too happy about having this functionality taken away from me.

It opens up so many possibilities and it just makes your Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet much more fun to use. In fact, when I sold my Pixel slate I decided my next device needed to offer stylus support. This is one of the reasons I decided to buy the Asus CX5 Chromebook, which came with a stylus as standard.

One thing I immediately noticed is how much I preferred my Asus Pen over the Pixel slate pen. Until then, I didn’t take too much notice of the stylus. As long as it worked with the display I thought that was all I had to be concerned about. Well, the new Logitech pen, which is specifically made for the Chromebook education sector. Has made me realise there is a lot more involved in making the perfect stylus pen.

The Logitech Chrome OS pen made for the education sector

The new Logitech pen goes one step further

I was recently sent the new Logitech pen for the Chromebook. After using it for just a few minutes I immediately realised how much better it is compared to my Asus Stylus I got as standard.

Something that is really important when using a stylus is control. If you’re using your pen and need to be precise when drawing on your display. Having a stylus that helps to keep you in control is an absolute must.

Logitech stylus for Chrome OS offers great control
The Logitech pen gives you great control

You of course need a steady hand, but the pen you use will also have a huge impact on the end results. This is why I love the new pen for the Chromebook from Logitech.

Logitech Chrome OS pen made for education

I love the look of the Logitech pen. It’s the first stylus I’ve used that immediately stands out from the crowd. It has a nice polished silver finish at the top, which I believe is made of aluminium and the yellow silicone grip at the bottom looks great. Considering this has been made for children. I’m sure they will be happy with the look of this pen.

The silicon grip not only looks good it really helps you get a decent grip, which is important when writing or drawing. When it comes to being in control another great feature of this pen is the shape. Instead of opting for a cylinder design that you get with most pens. They’ve cleverly gone with a three-sided approach, which is something I immediately noticed as it provides you with a much better overall grip of the pen.

silicone grip and three-sided design offers great control of pen
The yellow silicone grip and three-sided design gives you great control

When you consider the Logitech pen has been specifically designed with children in mind. It makes perfect sense that Logitech has invested a lot of time ensuring the pen is easy to use.

Something else Logitech has got right here is the weight. It’s the first stylus pen I’ve used where the weight appears to match what I’d expect when holding a pencil or pen. The length also feels natural and helps with balancing the pen perfectly. It’s only slightly taller than my Asus Stylus, but that extra length really makes a difference.

No battery required as it charges via USB

Another great feature of the Logitech pen is that you can charge it via USB type-C. This is a much better approach than previous stylus pens I’ve had for the Chromebook, which needed a battery.

When you consider that most Chrome OS devices are now charged via USB Type-C. The ability to charge your pen from the same power lead is a great advantage. Simply using the same charger you use for your Chromebook to charge your pen is a much better option.

Logitech pen charged via USB Type-C
Charge the pen via USB Type-C

I’m not sure how much power was in the pen before charging. However, I plugged it into my USB – C power outlet I use for my Asus CX5, and it was fully charged in less than five minutes. Also, the Logitech website states you’ll get 30 minutes of use from a 30-second charge, so no student needs to worry about their pen running out of battery.

When you plug the pen into charge you can tell it’s charging because the white led indicator will flash. Once the pen is fully charged the indicator stops flashing. Students should get up to 15 days of regular school use before it needs another charge. When the battery has only 10% of power left. The led indicator will start flashing, which gives a handy signal the pen could do with a charge.

No pairing required

What I love about Chrome OS is that a Stylus will work out of the box. Providing your Chrome OS device has USI stylus support. You can simply start using the Logitech pen without having to change any settings. There isn’t any pairing required, and you can easily use more than one stylus on the same device and both will work just fine.

Logitech Chrome OS pen Military standard certification

Something that is really important when it comes to tech is how it copes with daily life. Even as adults we can easily drop our tech on the floor or knock it against something. This is even more so when it comes to children. They have a much more hectic lifestyle than we do, so it’s important their tech can stand up to the demands they are going to put it through.

The Logitech pen has passed the MIL-STD-810G drop certification. This means it can be dropped from a height of over a metre from the floor and still work as normal. It also passed the spill-resistant test, so any incident involving the spilling of water shouldn’t cause any concerns.

The Logitech three-sided design removes the risk of rolling
The three-sided design removes the risk of the pen rolling off a surface

Something else I noticed when using the Logitech pen is not having to worry about it rolling off a desk. Due to the three-sided design that Logitech has used to make it comfortable to hold. You don’t need to worry about the pen rolling off a surface and getting damaged or lost. This is a really big plus compared to a more typical cylinder style pen.

It’s really important for children to use a pen

I’m a great lover of technology, but as technology progresses even further. We have the risk that children will hardly ever use a pen or pencil throughout their education. As more education is taught via a device and the need for paper and pen decreases. The use of a Stylus becomes even more important.

You naturally learn more if you write things down. This is because your brain holds in information much better if you write it down rather than just trying to remember it. This is why it’s great to see the education sector is now largely dominated by Chrome OS.

Because Chrome OS offers so many options when it comes to choosing a device. Knowing that schools have the option to choose a device that allows children to use a stylus is great to see. It’s not just for education either. A stylus gives a child a much greater opportunity to express themselves and be more creative.


Logitech has proven that you need to put a lot of effort into the design of a Stylus if you want the best experience. It’s good to see the design isn’t just about the pen looking good either.

The silicone grip and three-sided design make it much easier to work with this pen compared to other Chrome OS styluses I’ve used. This is by far the best stylus I’ve used with a Chromebook. I also like the fact you don’t need to worry about buying separate batteries. Being able to charge the pen with the same USB C you use to charge your Chromebook is excellent. It’s also better for the environment.

The Logitech Chrome OS stylus may have been made for the education sector. However, I’m fairly convinced adults would be far happier using this stylus over most of the options currently available on the market. If you want to know more, head on over to the Logitech pen webpage.

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