Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet Specification Review

The Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet was a brave move by the manufacturer. This is because all previous attempts to launch a Chrome OS tablet had failed. The Pixel Slate was the most successful, but it wasn’t as popular as Google would have liked. This led to Google announcing they would not be making any further Pixel Slates. However, the Pixel Slate as far as the hardware is concerned is a great Chrome OS tablet. The reason why it failed was that Chrome OS was not ready for offering a great experience in tablet mode. Since then, the tablet mode for Chrome OS is much better, and Lenovo decided to take a chance to enter a market where Google had failed.

The Ideapad Chromebook Duet was a great success for Lenovo and they’ve got to be congratulated for bringing this type of Chrome OS device back into the public eye. Due to the success, Asus will soon be releasing its very own detachable Chromebook, the Asus CM3000.


When it comes to the specs Lenovo decided to go for the budget entry market. I think this was a wise move because one of the criticisms of the Pixel Slate was the cost. To enter that market again with an expensive high-spec device could have been too risky. By offering a budget detachable Chromebook Lenovo had a better opportunity to appeal to the masses.

Unlike most budget Chrome OS devices, which use an Intel Celeron processor they’ve gone for a MediaTek. It’s an octa-core processor with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz. The RAM used of 4GB is about right considering the budget market they’ve aimed this device at. 4GB of RAM is more than enough to work with this processor. You’ll be able to surf the internet, use social media, use productivity software such as spreadsheets without too many issues. You should also be able to use most of the Android Apps from the play store with this device. However, it’s a budget performing computer, so you may find some Android Apps take a while to boot up.

When it comes to storage you have two choices. One comes with 64GB and the higher priced model comes with 128GB. I think both offer more than enough storage to install plenty of Android Apps, so the most suitable option will be down to personal preference.

Model 1MediaTek octa-core 2.0 GHz4 GB64 (eMCP)
Model 2MediaTek octa-core 2.0 GHz4 GB128 (eMCP)
Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet
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The Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet comes with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,200, so it’s capable of offering Full HD. It also comes with an IPS panel, which will provide better colour reproduction than cheaper panels. The panel used means you should not see a deterioration in the image quality from any angle. When you consider you can have your tablet on your lap faced flat down this is pretty vital.

Display SizeResolutionPanel TypeTouchscreen
10.1-inch1920 x 1,200IPSYes
Lenovo Ideapad keyboard
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It’s a Chrome OS tablet, which is better to be referred to as a detachable Chromebook. This is because it isn’t just a tablet, so the name can be pretty misleading. The benefit of a detachable Chromebook is you can attach the keyboard, which is included. Once you’ve done this the device becomes a fully fledged Chromebook. So unlike a Hybrid Chromebook where the keyboard cannot be removed. A detachable Chromebook truly does offer two devices for the price of one.

It’s yet to be seen whether these Chrome OS devices will take off in a big way. However, they have the potential to do so. Having a standalone tablet, which can quickly be converted into a Chromebook offers great flexibility. Also, it means it’s perfect for using any of the Android Apps whether using the device like a laptop or tablet.

ChromebookChromebook Type
Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook DuetDetachable Chromebook


All Chromebooks come with an AUE Date. If your Chromebook AUE date has not expired you’ll continue to receive improvements to the Chrome OS operating system. These improvements can include new functionality or alterations to the current functionality offered. They also ensure you are kept safe when surfing online because security updates are also regularly provided. Once the date has expired no further updates will happen. Whether this is a risk depends on how you’ll use your Chromebook after this date. That being said, it’s widely believed you would expose yourself to more risk once the AUE date has expired.

The good news is the AUE date for this model is 2028. Therfore, at the time of writing this article you’d get updates for seven years. This is more than enough for most people who would usually update their laptop every six years.

ChromebookAUE Date
Lenovo Ideapad DuetJune 2028
Lenovo Ideapad detachable Chromebook
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When it comes to connectivity the Lenovo Ideapad Duet offers one newer USB Type C port. You’ll not find any older type USB A ports. This means if you have older hardware, which uses USB A, you’d have to buy an adapter to use this. They are relatively cheap to buy, so this isn’t a major issue.

When you consider this device is a tablet. It makes sense no USB A port is provided. USB A ports are bigger than USB C. Therefore, providing this type of port would possibly increase the overall size of the unit. The USB Type C port can be used to connect your hardware, which supports USB Type C. It can also be used to charge the device and connect an external display.

You’ll not find a Micro SD slot on the Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet. This means you cannot easily add further storage at a later date. Taking this into consideration you’d have to think carefully before buying this device on whether you should opt for the 64GB or 128GB storage version.

There is also no headphone jack on this device. If you wanted to use a pair of wired headphones you would need to use an adaptor, which is included. However, this would take up the only USB Type C port available. You can of course use wireless headphones thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity offered.

USB Type-A0
USB Type-C1
WebcamYes (1 rear, 1 front)
Micro SD SlotNo
Finger Print ScannerNo
Backlit KeyboardNo


Before buying a new device it’s always a good idea to read some reviews.


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