Lenovo 3i 14-inch Chromebook Specification Review

Lenovo has been manufacturing a lot of Chromebooks in the last couple of years. In fact, they saw a huge number of shipments in quarter four of 2020, which made them the second-biggest supplier of the devices. That’s a pretty good start for the company when you consider they have only been manufacturing Chromebooks for a few years. They’ve become popular because they are able to offer Chromebooks at very competitive prices. The Lenovo 3i 14-inch Chromebook is one from their budget range. The question is, should you be considering buying this Chromebook? Well, find out more in this Lenovo 3i 14-inch Chromebook specification review.

It’s a pretty basic looking laptop, which is what you’d typically expect from a budget laptop. It’s a laptop only device, which means you cannot use it as a tablet. This isn’t too much to worry about if you’re not too bothered about having the functionality of using the device in tablet mode. It’s capable of Android Apps, which is good to see, but it has no touchscreen. Using Android Apps is much better if your laptop comes with a touchscreen display, so this is definitely something you need to consider.


It’s a budget laptop and like most budget Chromebooks the processor used is an Intel Celeron processor. It’s a dual-core processor with a base speed of 1.1 GHz and is capable of a turbo speed of 2.8 GHz. If you’re looking for a Chromebook to surf the internet, use social media, stream movies or use Android Apps. Then you’ll have no problems. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Google docs including a word processor and spreadsheet program.

You may find some advanced Android Apps may take a while to load and this is due to the processor used. That being said, you should be able to use most of the Android Apps available in the app store without any issues. However, as I’ve already mentioned, not all Android apps perform well without a touchscreen, so you may be a little limited on the type of apps that will work on this Chromebook.

It comes with 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough for the processor used. Any more than this with this processor would be a waste. Although you now see more Chromebooks come with 8 GB of RAM. You’ll still be able to use this Chromebook for the tasks I’ve mentioned without having any issues with performance. It’s a budget device, so you should expect the performance to be adequate, but it’s never going to amaze you with fantastic performance.

Intel CeleronN4020 dual-core 1.1 GHz / 2.8 GHz turbo4 GB
Chromebook Processors


When it comes to storage the Lenovo 3i IdeaPad Chromebook offers 64 GB. This is really good to see considering you’re buying a budget Chromebook. A lot of budget Chromebooks come with 32 GB. The extra storage means you’ll be able to install plenty of Android Apps and still have plenty of storage space left over. When it comes to storage you should try and avoid storing files locally. This is because you can lose your files if you’re not careful. Also, Chrome OS offers cloud computing, which means it’s very easy to store your files in the cloud.

Lenovo 3i Chromebook64 GB (eMMC)
eMMC and SSD Chromebook storage


There are two different models of the Lenovo 3i Chromebook. This specification review is for the 14-inch display model. It’s good to see Lenovo has provided a Full HD display offering 1920 by 1080 resolution. When you’re looking at any type of laptop that offers a 14-inch display. You should try and ensure the resolution is Full HD. This is because a lower resolution on a display of this size can look pretty poor.

Although the resolution provided is good to see. The same cannot be said for the display panel type. I’m a big believer that the display on any laptop is important. You’ll be looking at the display a lot of the time, so it’s really important you’ll like what it provides. The display panel offered is a TN panel, which means you’ll most likely get a deterioration in the quality of the image when looking at the display from an angle.

I’m sure the display is acceptable to some extent. That being said, I would much prefer to see a display offering an IPS panel. An IPS panel provides much better viewing angles and the colour reproduction offers richer and more vibrant colours. This is a big letdown and considering it also lacks a touchscreen I’m not overly impressed with the display specs.

Display SizeResolutionPanel TypeTouchscreen
14-inch1,920 x 1,080TNNo


When you’re considering buying a new laptop. It’s really important to make sure it offers all the connectivity you’ll need. The Lenovo 3i Chromebook connectivity is pretty impressive. This is because it offers both older USB Type-A ports and the newer USB Type-C ports. Having access to both of these ports means you’ll be able to use your peripherals, whether they are old or new. This is good for anyone who is still using older hardware, which uses Type-A connections.

The newer USB Type-C ports mean you’ll also be able to buy newer hardware without having to worry about compatibility issues. Also, USB Type-C can be used to charge your device and connect an external display. You’ll find two USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports available, which is more than enough.

You’ll also find a Micro SD slot, which means you’ll easily be able to add further storage at a later date. Adding further storage using an SD card is a relatively cheap way of dealing with any storage limitations you may come across. The headphone jack included and Bluetooth capability means you’ll be able to use either a wired or wireless pair of headphones.

USB Type-A2
USB Type-C2
Micro SD slotYes
Headphone JackYes


If you’re looking for a laptop to mainly surf the internet and use social media. Then this laptop is fine for anyone not wanting to spend too much money. This is what it all comes down to. What you want from your laptop. If you’re not too bothered about Android Apps, then the lack of a touchscreen may not be an issue for you. That being said, if Android Apps are important to you and you like to use all types of apps. Then you’d have to consider whether these apps would be usable without having access to a touchscreen.

Something else you’ll need to consider is the display quality. Sure, it’s great to see they’ve used a Full HD resolution. However, the display panel will mean you’ll not get fantastic results. It will be fine if you’re using your laptop and have it placed directly in front of you all of the time. If you do view the laptop from an angle you’ll notice the display isn’t providing you with an image that looks that great. It’s ok, but you’ll find better Chromebooks out there.

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