Hybrid Chromebooks are the new standard

You may have noticed that the Chromebook has changed considerably over the last couple of years. The launch of Android Apps has changed how manufacturers now look at Chromebooks.

The original Chromebook, which was in laptop form is now a thing of the past. You can still get Chromebooks that are traditional laptops, but they are becoming less common. So, should you be looking for a Hybrid Chromebook for your next Chromebook purchase?

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What is a Hybrid and why they are the new standard

A Hybrid Chromebook is also known as a 2-in-1 laptop. It’s a laptop that can also be used as a tablet and comes with a touchscreen display. What has made Hybrid Chromebooks more popular is the launch of Android Apps.

Android Apps are a great addition to the Chromebook. It provides so much more functionality than has been available on ChromeOS. The issue with Android Apps, or should I say the great thing about Android Apps is they have been designed to work with a touchscreen display.

When Android Apps were originally launched on the Chromebook. There was a lot of talk about a lot of them not being compatible with the Chromebook. This was mainly due to Chromebooks not supporting a touchscreen display. There were two ways of fixing this. For future Android Apps to be designed without a touchscreen in mind or for the Chromebook to change and adopt touchscreen functionality.

It would have been a wrong move to change how Android Apps were designed. After all, Android Apps have been around for years and there are thousands to choose from. Also, Android Apps were originally designed for Android mobile and tablet devices, which is why they have been designed with a touchscreen in mind.

The Chromebook was at a turning point and luckily the manufacturers and Google decided. The way forward for the Chromebook was for them to have a touchscreen display. A Chromebook that supports touchscreen works really well with many of the Android Apps in the Play Store.

You can still get a traditional laptop-based Chromebook

You can still buy a Chromebook that offers the traditional laptop format without a touchscreen. However, you should only really consider this if you are not intending on using Android Apps.

There are some great Chromebook laptops available at great prices, which do not have a touchscreen. These laptops are perfect for someone who is looking for a computer to surf the internet, use a word processor or to stream the occasional movie.

So if you are not interested in Android Apps you should not feel compelled to buy a Hybrid Chromebook. The only thing you need to consider is ChromeOS. Now Hybrid Chromebooks have become the new standard. It’s most likely that ChromeOS will start to provide a lot more functionality for Chromebooks supporting a touchscreen display.