HP to launch follow up to the excellent x360 Chromebook

HP has always been good at building decent quality laptops and this also extends to Chromebooks. The original HP x360 Chromebook was an excellent device and sales for the product were high in both the USA and UK.

To keep on top of that success they will be launching the HP x360 14c in June with a price tag of around $499/£499. This is excellent news for lovers of Chrome OS because it’s another sign that the Chromebook is continuing to grow.

Just like its predecessor, it’s a hybrid device, which means you can use it as both a laptop or tablet. This is perfect for anyone who likes to use Android Apps in tablet mode.


The device weighing 3.5lbs/1.58kg comes with a 14-inch display with super slim bezels, which makes the device look very professional. You’d expect nothing less from a mid-range device, but super slim bezels are still something that I love to see.

The top model comes with an Intel i5 tenth-generation processor, which will mean the AUE date will be at least eight years. A laptop with an eight-year lifespan is excellent, as I’ve never owned a laptop for more than four years. Cheaper models with a less powerful processor will also be available.

The amount of RAM will depend on the model you choose but will range from 4GB to 8GB. The Intel i5 version will come with 8GB of RAM, which will make this one seriously powerful laptop.

The new HP x360 14c Chromebook
The smart elegant look you’d expect from HP returns

On top of that it comes with 128GB of storage, which is more than enough; even if you like to install a huge amount of Android Apps.

You’ll apparently be able to get 13.5 hours from the battery, but I can’t imagine you’d get that amount from the battery in reality. You’ll most likely find it would be more like 11 hours, but this will obviously depend on the processor type you opt for.

The great thing about the battery though is that you can get a 50% charge from just 45 minutes of charging. Although it’s unlikely you’d run out of juice during the day; it’s nice to know you can get at 50% of the battery life back in such a short amount of time.


The 14-inch display comes at a resolution of true HD, which is 1,920 x 1,080. This resolution is all you need from a display of this size. I know we’ve seen some devices released with 4K, but personally, this just feels like a waste of money.

The latest WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 is used, which is great to see when you consider the laptop has an eight-year lifespan. It also comes with one USB-A port, which is perfect if you’ve got older peripherals that you still use. Two of the more modern USB Type-C are also available on either side of the unit.

I’m really liking Chromebooks that have a USB Type-C on either side because it makes charging the device easier. It does not matter if you still need to use the device and where you’re sitting when you’ve got a charging port on either side.

It’s unlikely you’ll run out of storage, but if you do then there is no need to be too concerned. The HP x360 14C also comes with a Micro SD slot, which means adding extra storage down the line is cheap and easy.

Although it does not come with a stylus included. It’s good to see that it supports USI, so you can buy a USI stylus separately and not have to worry about compatibility issues.


So it looks like the HP x 360 14c is going to be a really nice Chromebook to own. Also, it comes in at a much cheaper price than some of the other high-spec devices we’ve seen launched recently.

This is definitely a laptop you’ll want to keep an eye on. There is just so much choice at the moment, which just gets me so excited. Expect to see the HP x 360 14c Chromebook to be available in June 2020.