HP soon to launch their latest Chromebox – The Chromebox G3

The Chromebox is not as popular as the Chromebook, but that does not mean they are not great devices. I love using my Asus Chromebox 3 because it offers a true desktop experience.

There are a few Chromebox desktop computers available, but at the moment the only one I would recommend is the Asus Chromebox 3. That’s all about to change though because HP will soon launch the HP Chromebox G3.

It’s a slightly sexier looking Chromebox compared to the Asus because of its nice curved edges. It also comes with the latest tenth-generation processor, so you’ll be receiving updates to Chrome OS for at least eight years.

Now you can play PC games on your Chrome OS device. I’m sure we will see more Chromebox devices being sold. This is because if you’re into your gaming in a big way, you cannot beat a true desktop setup.

A Chromebox also allows you to use an external display, and who does not want to play games on a 32-inch display? Also, the ability to hook up an external keyboard and mouse is another reason why I love the Chromebox.

HP Chromebox G3 uses latest tenth generation processors
HP Chromebox G3 uses latest tenth generation processors


As with the Asus Chromebox 3, there will be plenty of options to choose from with the HP Chromebox G3. These options are all based around the processor, RAM and storage options.

The processors available will start with an Intel Celeron. However, if you’re after more power then you should consider the tenth generation Intel i processors.

You’ll be able to choose from an Intel i3 right up to an Intel i7 model. The RAM will start at 4GB on the budget version to massive 16GB on the Intel i7 device.

You can easily hook up two external monitors on a Chromebox
Using two external monitors on a Chromebox

Just like the Asus Chromebox 3. The HP Chromebox G3 comes with plenty of connectivity ports. You get a lot more ports to play with than a Chromebook. At first, I thought I had far too many ports on my Asus Chromebox 3. However, I’ve been in a situation where I’ve used all of them, so it’s great to see all these extra ports available on the Chromebox.

These will include a Micro SD slot to easily add extra storage at a later date. When it comes to USB ports you’ll find three USB 3.2, one Type-C and one USB-A. So you’ll be able to add older peripherals without having to worry about buying extra adapters.

The interesting thing I noticed about the HP Chromebox G3 is that it comes with two HDMI ports. This means you’ll be able to hook up two monitors directly. To hook up two monitors on the Asus Chromebox 3, you need to follow a slightly different route.

Two HDMI ports on the HP Chromebox G3 makes adding two external monitors easy
Two HDMI ports make using two external monitors easy


Chrome OS is not all about Chromebooks. I love my Chromebooks but I spend a lot more of my day using my Chromebox. I prefer using a computer at a desk because you’re more productive.

It’s not just about being productive either. Playing computer games sat at a desk with a large display is much better than on a laptop.

If you love Chrome OS but not to keen on a laptop. Then you should definitely consider buying a Chromebox. The Asus Chromebox 3 is a fantastic computer, and it looks like the HP Chromebox G3 is going to be even better.

It’s never been a better time to buy a Chromebox. If I was due an upgrade I’d go out and buy the new HP G3 when it was released. However, at the moment I’m more than happy with my Asus Chromebox 3.

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