HP 15b 15.6-inch Chromebook review

Most Chromebooks come with a display of 14-inches or less. There is only a handful that offers a display larger than this. What’s even more uncommon is a Chromebook that has a separate numerical keypad.

This is the first thing you’ll notice with the HP 15b Chromebook. It offers a full keyboard with a separate number pad. This makes perfect sense when you consider the size of the display, as it gives you more room to play with when designing the keyboard.

As the Chromebook becomes more popular the demand for a laptop with a separate number pad will increase. So have HP managed to create something worth buying?

Let’s find out in this full review of the HP 15b 15.6-inch Chromebook review.


I like the look of the HP 15b Chromebook. It looks very much like what you’d expect to see from HP. They are very minimal in design and always come with the HP logo on the lid.

The bottom of the laptop is plastic but the rest is made of aluminium. This adds to the premium feel and it’s a very sturdy laptop. It weighs 3.9lbs / 1.81kg, which may sound a little heavy, but you need to remember we are dealing with a 15.6-inch display here, so it’s not too bad.

HP 15b Chromebook review - The laptop looks great
It’s a great looking laptop

It’s nice and slim, so although it’s a big laptop. You don’t feel overwhelmed and they’ve done a really nice job of making it look as compact as possible. There is a nice little grove at the front, which makes it really easy to open up the laptop.


The processor is an eight-generation Intel i3, but it’s also available with a slighter lower-performing processor. So watch out for the processor if you’re considering buying this laptop.

The Intel i3 provides all the processing power you’ll need. Whether you’re internet surfing, streaming HD YouTube movies or using Android apps. The Intel i3 will power through all of these without any issues whatsoever.

You’ll easily be able to work on large spreadsheets. This is more likely if you’re considering this laptop, as the separate number pad and the large display is perfect for spreadsheets.

HP 15B Chromebook review - It's perfect for leisure and work
The performance is perfect for leisure and work


It comes with 8GB of RAM, which is more than enough memory for what you’ll be planning on doing with this Chromebook. This is also important for anyone considering using larger spreadsheets. In the USA a 4GB RAM version is more common to see, so be careful about this when making a purchase.

That additional RAM is really important if you’re using spreadsheets with thousands of rows of data. Find out how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

The storage is pretty impressive. At 128GB you should come across no issues and you’ll easily be able to install plenty of Android apps. Of course, all your work should be saved in the cloud using Google Drive. However, if you want to store data locally you’ll have plenty of space to play with.


The 15.6-inch display is one of the things that makes this Chromebook different. It offers Full HD at 1,920 by 1,080, which looks just fine for a laptop display of this size.

It’s great to see they’ve used an IPS panel, which means viewing at any angle is possible without any deterioration to the display quality. It looks really compact when open considering the display size. This is because the bezels around the display are nice and slim.

The IPS panel on the HP 15B Chromebook
The Full HD keyboard and IPS panel are great

This not only makes the laptop look nice. It means you’re getting a 15.6-inch display in a nice compact design. The colours look great and the text is nice and crisp considering the size of the display. It could be a little bit brighter, so you may struggle if using in direct sunlight.


When you’re looking at buying a 15.6-inch Chromebook it’s most likely you’re buying it as a working computer. So you’d expect the keyboard to be decent. Well, you’ll be happy with the keyboard on offer here.

It’s a really nice keyboard to type on, so you’ll happily type on this all day without any issues. It also backlit, so you’ll be able to continue typing even when the sun goes down.

The HP 15B is a compact laptop considering the display size
It’s a slim looking laptop considering the display size

The separate number pad is a great addition. If you use spreadsheets regularly you’ll know trying to type numerical on a keyboard without a separate number pad is hard work. This is especially the case if you touch type.

Having the separate number pad means you can sit in front of a spreadsheet and number crunch at lightning speed. It’s definitely one of the reasons to choose this Chromebook over the competition if number crunching is important.


The HP 15b Chromebook provides a USB Type-C port on either side of the laptop. USB Type-C is the way forward when it comes to connectivity. It allows you to charge your laptop and you can also use it to add an external display.

Having one on either side is nice to see. This is becoming more popular on Chromebooks and it makes sense. This is because it makes it much easier to charge your laptop while still using it, and you don’t need to worry about where you’ll be sitting.

You’ll also be happy that an older USB Type-A is available, which means you can still use your older peripherals. Although USB Type-C is the way forward a lot of us still have USB Type-A hardware. So it’s good to know you’ll not need to worry about having to replace your older peripherals.

The Micro SD slot available means you’ll easily be able to add further storage at a later date. Adding further storage using an SD card is not only easy it’s a pretty cheap way of getting additional storage for your Chromebook.


If you’re after a Chromebook with a 15.6-inch display then this is definitely a laptop to consider. Also, the separate number pad makes it ideal for anyone who likes to number crunch on spreadsheets.

Even though it comes with a large display. The laptop is nice and compact and this is thanks to the nice slim bezels around the display.

The processor and RAM are more than enough, but check this out before buying because a lower processor and RAM model is also available. Either one will work fine, but for really large spreadsheets the 8GB of RAM version will be more suitable.

It’s really nice to see we’re starting to see more Chromebooks with a separate number pad. If I needed a laptop to number crunch, then this would be at the top of my list.