How to use the new ChromeOS tablet functions

When the Chromebook was originally launched in 2011 it came in laptop form. It wasn’t until much later that we started to see Hybrid laptops. A Hybrid laptop can be used as both a laptop or tablet. By 2018 there was a wide range of Hybrid Chromebooks to choose from. You could even choose a ChromeOS tablet thanks to the Pixel Slate.

Although we had the hardware to choose from using a Chromebook in tablet mode wasn’t a very good experience. This is because ChromeOS was geared towards laptops, and using a device in tablet mode was a very clunky experience.

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This is one of the reasons why the Pixel Slate did not succeed. The Pixel Slate is a fantastic piece of hardware but it was sadly let down by the ChromeOS tablet experience. Fast forward to 2020 and thankfully this is no longer the case.

Using a Chromebook in tablet mode is now a pleasurable experience. This is thanks to the ChromeOS team who have worked hard providing updates, which have improved the ChromeOS tablet mode.


From about 2019 onward ChromeOS tablet mode offered something you’d be happy to use. It was a little too late for the Pixel Slate, as Google had announced they would not be bringing out any further Pixel Slate tablets. However, if you can still get your hands on one I’d definitely consider it because they are simply fantastic.

Also, Lenovo has since bought out a budget ChromeOS tablet, which is the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 2-in-1. This tablet offers very good value for money and is the only true ChromeOS tablet launched since the slate.

I’ve got a great feeling about ChromeOS tablets in the future. I’m hoping we’ll see other manufacturers start to consider bringing these tablets to market. They offer the best flexibility when it comes to ChromeOS, so as ChromeOS gets more popular I’m hoping the ChromeOS tablet is part of that success.

The video on this page shows you all the new features of ChromeOS in tablet mode. If you want to get the best experience of using your Chromebook in tablet mode. Then I’d recommend watching this video, as it contains all the new functionality ChromeOS tablet mode now offers.