How to use Chrome Bookmarks to massively increase your productivity

Although there is a lot more to Chrome OS today than just the Chrome browser. It’s also true that the majority of us still spend most of our time using Chrome. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure we are using the tools we have in front of us to be more productive when we’re online.

Browser bookmarks have been around for years, but I get a feeling a lot of people have stopped using them. Either because you’ve found other methods to get to websites you regularly visit or you’ve just forgotten they are there. I put myself in the latter category, which I realised today when looking at my Chrome browser and suddenly noticing I had links to sites I’ve not used in ages.

What are Chrome Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great for keeping a record of either a website or webpage we’ve visited, which we think we simply cannot do without. You must have come across many web pages where the information was so valuable that you wanted to ensure you’d easily be able to find it at a later date.

This is where bookmarks come in. Instead of copying the URL and sending the link to yourself via email. A better method is to bookmark the page from your Chrome browser for future use. By bookmarking a web page you’ll easily be able to visit the page again in the future.

It’s very similar to owning a book that you use regularly, and where certain pages in the book you need to be able to access again in the future. We’d normally fold the page or perhaps you a post-it note, so we can find that particular page in the future. It’s much quicker than searching through the book to find the information we need to find.

You can neglect your bookmarks

If you’re anything like me you may bookmark pages with the intention of visiting them in the future. However, if you’re busy and got a lot on, it’s possible you’ll forget about these bookmarks. It’s also true that bookmarks that were once important are no longer relevant.

Unless you regularly manage your bookmarks things can get out of hand. Before writing this article today I’ve deleted so many bookmarks from my browser. Some of them I remembered and the web pages still hold information that is important to me. Other bookmarks were totally irrelevant and I could simply delete them.

You can make as many bookmarks as you like, which is great. However, if you get carried away and bookmark too many web pages. You tend to find that you’ll end up with so many of them that they are no longer beneficial.

Create folders for your Bookmarks

Another great way to manage your bookmarks further is to create folders. Once you’ve created a folder you can move bookmarks that are relevant into that folder. For example, you could have a folder called ‘Social Media’, and in that folder, you would have bookmarks for Facebook, Instagram and so on.

You can go further by creating subfolders. If for example, you’re studying for a degree, you could create a folder named ‘degree’ and then put further folders inside such as ‘year 1’. This is a really good way to manage your bookmarks. It’s a really useful tool for now and in the future.

In fact, bookmarks are very similar to files you have located on your computer. To find those files you most likely create folders, which explains what type of files are stored in that location. This is exactly the same when it comes to bookmarks on your Chrome browser.

Using bookmarks for websites you visit regularly

This is what I tend to use bookmarks for because it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to access sites I regularly visit. If you have a handful of websites you visit on a daily basis, then it makes sense to bookmark these pages, so you don’t need to enter the web address every time you visit the site.

The good thing about bookmarks is you can mark a page that is more relevant than the root URL. An example of this is Facebook. You may visit Facebook on a daily basis and you click on your profile once you reach the website. However, to get to your profile you first visit the main web address. This is a good example of where a bookmark is a much better option. Instead of entering the web address and then navigating to your profile. You can simply bookmark your profile page, so you bypass visiting the main URL first.

Although this is a great way to be more productive. I still use bookmarks when I visit web pages that have a big impact on me. Those web pages, which contain such valuable information you don’t want to forget that it exists. These types of web pages and websites you visit regularly are all good reasons to create a bookmark in your Chrome browser.

How to create and manage Chrome bookmarks

If you’ve completely forgotten or have never used browser bookmarks. Then you may want to find out exactly how they work. Well, you’re in luck because I’ve created a video on everything you need to know about Chrome browser bookmarks.