How to use a PIN to log in to your Chromebook

The Chromebook is known as one of the most secure computers for the consumer market. However, your Chromebook is only as secure as your password.

When it comes to Chromebooks you log in to your computer using your Google Account. A Google Account is great because it gives you access to Gmail, Google Drive and plenty of other productivity software.

When you log in to your Chromebook each day you need to enter the password for your Google Account. Because your Google Account contains so much personal information. It’s really important you use a really strong password, which you’ve not used with other websites.

If anyone gets access to your Chromebook password and at the same time your Google Account. They’ll be able to read all your emails and have access to all of your files on Google Drive.

The only issue with using a really strong password is you need to enter this every time you log in to your Chromebook. This can be a little tiring if you use your Chromebook on a daily basis. However, it’s essential because it’s vital to keep your Google Account safe.


Luckily, there is a solution to this and it does not include using a weak password for your Google Account, which I’d strongly advise against.

You can now set up a pin on your Chromebook, which allows you to access your Chromebook with the PIN or password. This is a really good option because it’s much easier typing a PIN each time you log in to your Chromebook than a lengthy Google Account password.

To do this simply go to the following location in your settings from the bottom right-hand corner on your Chrome OS device and follow the path shown below:

Settings>People>Security and sign-in

Although you’re already logged into your account. Once you reach this stage you’ll be asked to enter your Google Account password again. This is an extra security step to ensure it’s you accessing this page. It also means nobody can access this page if they obtain your PIN.

From there you’ll see an option for ‘password’ and ‘pin or password’. Select ‘pin or password’ and you’ll be asked to set up a 6 digit PIN number. You’ll have to repeat the PIN to confirm. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to login to your Chromebook in future using either your password or PIN.


The obvious benefit of using a PIN is you’ll no longer need to enter a lengthy password each time you log in to your Chromebook. However, there are other benefits, which you should not overlook.

Firstly, If you’ve not been using a secure lengthy password for your Google Account because you find it difficult to log in to your Chromebook each day. You can now do so without having to worry about needing it to log in to your Chromebook.

Having a strong Google Account password is really important. So once you’ve set up a PIN. Consider changing the password to a really long obscure string of characters.


Another benefit to using a PIN is you don’t need to worry about logging into your Chromebook if people you may not trust are sitting close to you. Maybe not such an issue at home, but when you’re out and about or at work this could be a problem.

If anyone was trying to see what you’re entering. They would only see the PIN you’ve entered. This would only give them access to your Chromebook and not your Google Account. This is because your Google Account still requires the password, as the PIN only works to login to your Chromebook.

Using a PIN on your Chromebook reduces the risk of other finding out your Google Account password
Using a PIN reduces the risk of your Google Account being hacked by others

This means someone would need to see the PIN you’re entering and then have the opportunity to log in to your Chromebook without you seeing. So it’s important you don’t leave your Chromebook unattended in unsafe environments.

However, it’s much safer than someone seeing you type in your Google Account password. This is because they could then access your Google Account from anywhere. More importantly, they would not need your Chromebook to do this.

So if you want a more convenient way to login to your computer, and keep yourself extra secure at the same time. I’d recommend setting up a PIN to log in to your Chromebook.