How to keep your Google Account safe

We all know how important it is to keep your online accounts safe. One account that you could argue is the most important is your Google Account.

You use your Google Account to log in to your Chromebook every day. Your Google account gives access to all your emails and the files on Google Drive. If someone had access to your Chromebook it would also give them access to all the local files you store on your device.

However, there is another reason why keeping your Google account is extremely important. If you use Google Smart Lock, anyone who manages to gain access to your account will also gain access to all of your passwords stored on Google Smart Lock.


Choosing strong passwords that are different for each online account we have can be difficult. However, you should be doing this if you want to stay safe online. If you use Google Smart Lock this makes it much easier.

If you do use Google Smart Lock then keeping your Google account safe is paramount.

This is why it’s really important that you choose a strong password for your Google Account. If you use the tools Google provides you can stay safe online but this will only be the case if your Google Account password is strong and changed regularly.


Setting up recovery on your Google account is a really good way to keep your account protected. If you set up recovery correctly, you can easily reset your Google account password if you cannot remember it for any reason. Hopefully, this will never happen, but if you do forget your Google account password. It’s really easy to reset your password providing you have set up recovery options.

The options you have is to link your mobile phone to your Google account. If you do this and forget your password you can have a link sent to your phone. This will then allow you to reset your password.

Another great recovery option is to set up a separate email account and link this to your Google account. If you set up a separate email address you’ll be giving yourself two separate ways to reset your Google account.


Setting up recovery options for your Google account not only means you can easily reset your password. It also keeps your Google account protected. If Google recognises your Google account is accessed by a new device. You’ll immediately receive a text message to your phone and an email to your recovery email address.

This is a great way to keep your account protected, as it allows you to immediately check who has accessed your Google account. The email received also lets you know where in the world your account was accessed. This allows you to see straight away whether you recognise the login.

If your partner has access to your Google account and you receive an email confirming your account was accessed. The location lets you consider whether the access is your partner or whether it has been compromised.

You’ll also receive warnings if your Google account password is changed. This is another level of security that is vital if you want to stay safe.

You can find out more about your recovery options and setting them up for the first time by reading this article from Google.