How to install Microsoft Edge on a Chromebook

The Chromebook uses Chrome OS, which is an operating system designed and maintained by Google. It’s super-fast, secure, and easy to use. Chrome OS comes with the Chrome Browser installed as standard. This has been the case for many years now. However, you can now install Microsoft Edge on your Chromebook.

Until recently if you wanted to use Microsoft Edge you could do it, but it was in developer mode. This means you may not have got a 100% secure internet browsing experience. Microsoft Edge for Linux is now in stable mode, so you can use it and stay secure when surfing online.

To install the browser you will need to have Linux installed. You cannot install the Edge browser using a Linux App store. Therefore you need to find a .deb file to install it on your Chromebook.

Microsoft Edge on the Chromebook

The good news about Microsoft Edge is that Microsoft finely changed the platform it was built with. They made the decision to change Edge so it uses the Chromium Browser. This means it uses the same platform as Chrome OS.

This is good for all of us because the more web browsers become standardised. The easier it will be for web developers to concentrate on one specific browser type. I’ve already seen an advantage for me personally. Now that Microsoft has built Edge on Chromium. I no longer have to mess about using software to convert my web image files to webp.

The webp image file format was created by Google. It’s a fantastic image format because it takes up very little space. Not only that, the quality of the images even after compression still looks great compared to other formats. Most web platforms would not support direct webp uploads because anyone using Internet Explorer would not be able to see them.

Now that Microsoft has finally decided to use Chromium for Edge. It means most people who use a browser are now using a Chromium browser. This makes it much easier for web developers, which also means the end-user will get a better web experience.

Having two browsers on your Chromebook

There is an advantage of having two browsers available on your Chromebook. The first is if you want to see what a website looks like when you’re not logged in. If you were logged into a website on Chrome. You would need to log out to see what it normally looks like without being logged in.

This may not sound like a big deal, but it does take up some time. By having a second browser you can use it to see what a website looks like when you’re logged out.

Also, there has always been a situation where some websites work differently depending on the browser. I’ve on many occasions visited some websites that work much better with a specific browser. Having the ability to use Chrome or Edge on your Chromebook will help with this.

You’ll most likey still want to use Chrome

Personally speaking. I’ll still be using Chrome when using my Chromebook or Chromebox. It’s good to have the option of a second browser. However, a lot of the functionality you get when using Chrome on Chrome OS will not change.

In most situations, you’ll still need to use the Chrome browser when using your Chromebook. That being said, it’s still good to see that you now have an alternative.

Also, I think this means we’ll most likely see the Chrome browser and Chrome OS separate soon. It’s unlikely Google will leave it much longer. Once they have separated the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. You’ll feel like you’ve got a lot more flexibility when using your Chrome OS computer.