How to install BBC iPlayer on Chrome OS

We all love to stream our media as it’s much easier to watch what you want at a time that suits. Also, unlike recording programmes to watch later. Streaming services open up a whole catalogue of entertainment, which is perfect when you’ve got a free afternoon or evening to relax.

The good news is you can install BBC iPlayer on any Chrome OS computer such as a Chromebook or Chromebox. All you need to check is that your device supports Android apps. Most Chrome OS devices bought in the last few years support Android apps.

You should find BBC iPlayer is capable of streaming on most Chrome OS devices. Whether you own a budget or higher spec device shouldn’t make too much of a difference. When it comes to the amount of storage needed. This will mainly depend on if you want to download programs to watch later. However, even a Chromebook with 16GB should be able to install BBC iPlayer and have the ability to download a few of your favourite shows.

Installing BBC iPlayer Android app on Chrome OS

To install BBC iPlayer on your Chromebook you can either visit the BBC iPlayer address where you’ll find a direct link to the app. Alternatively, a much quicker way is to find the app in the Play store.

Time needed: 3 minutes

How to install BBC iPlayer on Chrome OS

  1. Download the app from the Play store

    If your Chrome OS device has Android app capability you should have access to the Play store by default. Older devices may need to enable this in settings. Visit the Play store and search for BBC iPlayer.
    Play Store on Chrome OS

  2. Install the BBC iPlayer Android app

    Once you’ve searched for BBC iPlayer you should see an ‘install’ button. Simply left-click on install to start installing BBC iPlayer to your Chromebook. iPlayer only requires about 28MB of storage to be installed on your Chromebook.
    BBC Iplayer Android App

  3. Sign in or register for BBC iPlayer

    You will need a BBC account to use BBC iPlayer. If you already have a BBC account for other services you’ll be able to log in with this account. If you don’t yet have a BBC account you’ll have to create one.

    Once you’ve created or signed in to an existing account. You’ll not have to do this step again in the future.
    Sign in or register for BBC iPlayer on your Chromebook

  4. Browse or search for the programmes you want to watch

    Once you’ve signed in you’ll be presented with the homepage. You’ll find many different types of programmes available from the home screen. You can also search for a programme if you have a specific one you’d like to watch.
    BBC iPlayer home page

  5. You can stream or download your favourite shows

    When you click on a programme you’re interested in watching. You’ll see an image similar to the one below. You can either hit the play button to stream the show or select ‘download’ to watch it later.
    Stream or download BBC iPlayer programmes on your Chromebook

  6. You’ll need to confirm you have a BBC licence

    Before you download or stream a programme you’ll be asked to confirm you have a BBC licence. At the moment, you need to have a licence to use BBC iPlayer. You can find out more at TV Licensing.

Streaming programmes on your Chromebook

You can choose to stream programmes on your Chromebook. To do this you’ll need an internet connection and this will use up your data. Therefore, if you’re streaming whilst out and about you’ll want to check to ensure you have enough data.

Streaming at home should not cause you any issues with data. However, this will depend on the internet package you have.

You can cast shows on a bigger screen

If you own a Chromecast or Google TV. You will be able to cast programmes to your larger TV. This is a great way to watch programmes. You’ll find the cast icon at the top of the video when you’ve started playing the video.

Downloading programmes to watch later

If you want to watch programmes on your Chromebook when you’re away from home without an internet connection. Then you’ll be able to download these programmes directly to your Chromebook. This will take up your local storage space. The good news is downloading a TV show does not take up too much room. An hour-long episode will typically take up about 180MB.

This is a great idea if you have a long train or plane journey coming up. Downloading programmes to your Chromebook means you’ll be able to watch these without an internet connection. To keep on top of your Chrome OS storage. It’s a good idea to delete the downloads once you’ve watched them.

Streaming shows directly from your Chromebook browser

You can of course watch BBC iPlayer programmes directly from your Chrome browser. This is a good option if you don’t have Android app capability on your Chrome OS device.

Although this works perfectly fine and you’ll have access to the same programmes. You will not be able to download programmes this way. Therefore, if you want to watch programmes without an internet connection. It’s a much better idea to install the Android app.

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