How to increase the battery life of your Android phone

Although most of us love getting our hands on a brand new phone. A lot of us would also prefer to save money. You can easily save money by simply not buying a new phone when your contract runs out.

Instead of buying a brand new phone. You can continue to use the phone you already have. The problem with this is the battery on your phone starts to deteriorate after about 24 months of use.

Who would have guessed the battery appears to last perfectly while in a 24-month contract. Only to slowly degrade after this time. Well, I’m sure we’re all aware the manufacturers love this, as they want us to buy a new phone.

The thing is you can easily get another two years from your phone. You just need to start taking a little more care with the battery. So read on to find out how to keep your battery running as long as possible on your Android phone.


It’s really easy to adjust the brightness of your Android phone and you’d be surprised how it can help save your battery life. However, when we first get a phone we tend to set the brightness too high. It’s very easy to get used to this and we end up wasting a lot of battery power when it’s not necessary.

By simply reducing the brightness of your display. You’ll get a lot more from your battery during the day. Most of us can easily get away with the brightness being just under 50%. Find out more about increasing your Android phone performance.

reducing your display brightness will help to save battery life
Reduce display brightness to save battery power

To adjust the brightness settings on your Android phone. Drag down from the top of the display. You should then see something similar to the image above. You can then adjust the brightness. Try to set it as low as possible to save extra battery life.


This may sound a little strange but changing the wallpaper of your home screen can save battery life.

You should be using a static wallpaper when trying to save battery life. So if you’ve got used to an animated wallpaper; perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to it.

Choosing a basic background colour is best. It’s also a good idea to choose a dark colour. In fact, black is definitely best for saving battery life if your phone uses a led display such as AMOLED.

This is because unlike a backlit display, which lights up the whole display. AMOLED lights up each pixel individually. If the colour for that particular pixel is black; then the pixel is essentially switched off. So if most of the display is black, it will save a lot more battery life.


This is a real big one when it comes to saving battery life. Android apps are great but they use up your battery life. Some are worse than others and you’d be surprised just how much battery they can use.

If you’ve been using your phone for a couple of years. You’ll be surprised at some of the apps you’ve never used. We all do it. We’ve got some time on our hands and start downloading lots of apps. The problem is we never go back to delete them.

So to help save battery life have a clear out of the apps you no longer use. The great thing is this will free up some storage space at the same time. Find out more about how much storage space you need for an Android phone.


Widgets are great because they give us direct access to some of our favourite apps from the home screen. The problem is though they need to use a lot of battery power to operate.

These widgets are always checking for updates, which not only uses more battery. They’ll also use more of your data allowance and use vital RAM you’ll need for other tasks. Find out more about how much RAM you need for an Android phone.

Remove widgets to save battery life of your Android phone
Remove those widgets to save battery life

If you’re wanting to save as much battery life as possible. Then I’m afraid it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite widgets. Yes, they are great, but the task here is to save battery life, so they’ve got to go.


If you’re like me your home screen on your Android phone will be cluttered with widgets and apps. Putting apps you use regularly on your home screen makes them much easier to access.

However, all of these apps will take up a little power to appear on your home screen. So take a look now and check whether all the apps you’ve got on your home screen need to be there.

Too many apps on Android Home Screen
Too many apps on the home screen will use up battery life

Ideally, if we are talking about saving battery life and nothing else. You should avoid putting any apps on your home screen. This will not only give your home screen a spring clean. It will save that all-important juice in your battery.


We live in a world where our social media apps are really important to us. However, are they so important that we need to be notified every time a new post appears?

Turning off notifications from social media and for any other app for that matter will have a huge impact on your phones battery life. We regularly check our social media anyway, so you can always check the notifications when you open the app.

It’s also good for the mind. Do you really like being notified every minute of the day when someone comments on your post? Give your mind a little break and turn off those notifications.


When you get a new phone it’s only natural to see what it can do. We tend to turn on all the services we’ve got available. This is great when the phone is new. However, these services are not doing your battery any favours.

Services that recognise your location are good because it helps apps recommend things in your local area. The problem is location services dramatically drain your battery life.

You can either turn it off completely or try to turn it off for specific apps. You can always turn it on when needed, but always remember to switch these location services off afterwards.


If all else fails you can always turn on power-saving mode. This option is available for all Android phones and dramatically increases your battery life.

It’s a pretty drastic step because it will limit what you can do on your phone. It usually allows you to have access to a limited number of apps from the home screen.

Android phone in power saving mode greatly increases battery life
Android phone in power-saving mode

You’ll find a lot of features you may generally use will not be available. However, this is perfect for those situations where you need to keep your battery going for as long as possible.

I tend to use this if I’m on holiday and at an airport and need my phone to keep enough battery power for emergency situations. The last thing you need when your transport does not turn up is to be without a phone to make calls.


It’s much easier to save battery life on an Android phone than it was a few years ago. If you’re using an older phone and not wanting to buy a new phone anytime soon. Then these steps will help you achieve that goal.

Using a phone past its 24 month contract period is a great way to save money. There is a lot of ‘sim only’ plans available and they are much cheaper than a contract that comes with a new phone.

You’ll easily be able to get four years out of a phone. You just need to ensure you regularly check for any apps or services you’re using, which are destroying your phones battery life.

If all else fails then using the Power Saving mode is perfect. Yes, it will limit how you can use your phone, but it greatly increases your Android phones battery life.