How to get instant access to your phone’s pictures on your Chromebook

To say that I’m happy about the recent developments to Chrome OS is an understatement. In the last year, we’ve seen some great new features. This latest feature available from Chrome OS 103 gives you instant access to pictures stored on your phone.

Before this new feature, the best way to get pictures from your phone to your Chromebook was to use Nearby Share. Nearby share is great and I use it regularly, but this new feature is more efficient. You don’t need to find pictures on your phone and choose to share, they are simply available directly from your Chrome OS desktop.

I’ve used it today for the first time and it worked with no issues whatsoever. I’ve created a video of me using the feature for the first time, which I’ve added below. You’ll notice from the video just how easy it is to enable, and the huge benefits of using it on a daily basis.

Message on Android phone to accept Chrome OS permissions to access phone photos.
A message appears on your phone to accept Chrome OS permissions

Sharing photos with your Chromebook just got easy

The best thing about this new Chrome OS 103 feature is how seamless it all works. Once you’ve set it up and accepted the permissions on your phone. You instantly get access to the last four pictures taken on your Android phone.

These photos can be found by clicking on the phone hub. The photos are not automatically downloaded to your Chromebook, your phone has simply shared a snapshot of the image. You can then choose the image you’d like to download by simply double-clicking on it.

The image will start to download and will be available in the Tote section of your desktop shelf. A blue circle gives you an indication of the download, so you can easily recognise when the image is downloaded. Any downloaded images are stored in your downloads folder and can be used as normal.

Try these new features on your Chromebook

Your Android phone and Chromebook are a perfect match

I’m really glad to see that Google has spent a lot of time making Android phones and Chromebooks work together. This is exactly what was needed, as it is something Apple users have enjoyed for some time.

One reason people choose Apple is because of how easy everything just gels together. This latest update to Chrome OS shows Chromebook and Android users can enjoy the same experience.

The future is certainly looking bright for Chrome OS. The days of a Chromebook being seen as a limited experience are over, and I am looking forward to what else Google has to offer us in the future.