How to add your own image to your Chrome OS login avatar

We all love to personalise our computers and one way of doing this is by changing your Chrome OS login avatar. Considering we see the avatar every time we log in. It’s the perfect thing to change to make your Chrome OS experience more personal to you.

There are plenty of cool animated avatars you can choose from the selection provided. However, using your own images of your friends, family, and pets is a much better thing to see each day when you log in to your computer.

You can of course just choose an image and forget about it, which is perfectly fine to do. The only issue with doing this is how big is that image that you’ll be using. In this article, I will show you how to make the image the perfect resolution size and how to decrease the size of the actual file.

How to decrease the image resolution

The first thing you’ll want to do is to decrease the image resolution size. If you’ve taken a picture on your phone you can imagine how big the image resolution would be. This is great for your photo album but is totally overkill to use as your Chromebook login avatar.

The easiest way to change the image resolution size is to simply open the image on your Chromebook. This will automatically open the image in the built-in Chrome OS image editor. From there you can easily change the resolution size.

Chrome OS login avatar image sizes are 192 pixels by 192. As I’ve said you don’t have to use an image of this size, but it makes sense to do so because it will not only reduce the image resolution it will reduce the size of the file.

Decrease the file size of the image further

Reducing the image resolution will reduce the amount of storage space used up by the image. However, you can reduce the image size even further by using Squoosh. Squoosh is free to use and you can easily access it from your Chrome browser.

Simply type in Squoosh on Google search and choose the first option. This will open up Squoosh in your browser, which you can use to decrease the image file size. It automatically defaults to JPEG and uses an image quality of 75%.

You’ll see that the file size has now dramatically decreased. Simply hit the download button and the smaller-sized image will be downloaded to your Chromebook.

You can delete the image once you’ve selected it for your avatar

The good news is you don’t need to keep the image in your downloads folder. Once you’ve selected the image as your avatar you can safely delete it. This helps to keep your downloads folder tidy.

This essentially means once you’ve chosen a picture to use as your Chrome OS avatar it’s stored in your Chrome OS system storage. This is why it’s a good idea to make the image size as small as possible. After all, there is no point in using up more storage than is necessary.

The Chrome OS login avatar doesn’t need or takes advantage of an image with a huge resolution. Therefore, editing your image before choosing it as your avatar makes sense and will help with storage. It also means less processing power is needed to show the avatar every time you login to your Chromebook.