How to add your favourite websites to your Chromebook shelf

Chrome OS is a great operating system but you’re slightly limited when it comes to customisation. For example, it’s still not possible to put icons on the desktop. This can make it difficult to access apps and websites you use on a regular basis quickly.

You can of course access apps quickly by adding them to the shelf on your Chromebook. The shelf is the bar that by default is located horizontally at the bottom of your Chromebook desktop. You may know this as the taskbar if you’ve used other operating systems such as MS Windows.

It’s pretty easy to add apps to your shelf, which means you can easily access these without having to go into your launcher menu. Apps like Google Mail, YouTube and the Play Store are the type of apps that are commonly added to your Chromebook shelf.

Adding websites to your Chromebook shelf

If you visit certain websites on a regular basis. By default, you would need to open the Chrome browser and type in the web address. You can of course set a bookmark in the Chrome browser to speed up this process. However, it can still be a time-consuming task especially if there are websites you always use.

There used to be an option in the Chrome browser to add certain websites to the shelf. This option is no longer available. This doesn’t mean it still isn’t possible to add your favourite websites to the shelf on your Chromebook. It’s a very simple process and if you want to give it a try. Watch the video I made, which shows you how to add websites to your Chromebook shelf.

You can add any website using this method. Once you’ve done this these websites will sit on your Chromebook shelf. This means it will be much easier to visit your favourite websites in the future. What I also like is that it uses the icon of the website. This makes them easily identifiable when added to the shelf.


This is a great way to customise your Chromebook. It also makes it much easier to work on your Chromebook throughout the day. Instead of having many websites open in the Chrome Browser, which can make it difficult to swap from one website to another. By adding popular websites to the shelf. It makes it much easier to switch to that website throughout your day.

By adding websites in this way. They are not opened in the Chrome Browser. They are opened in their own independent window, which stops the Chrome browser being cluttered with many different windows being open. Give it a try as I’m sure you’ll be happy with how it works.