How to add album artwork to your MP3 music files on ChromeOS

If you’re anything like me you most likely have hundreds if not thousands of MP3 music files. Before I switched to ChromeOS in 2011 I used iTunes. When I moved away from Microsoft computers in favour of the Chromebook I needed an alternative.

I found Google Music, which was great and it was really easy for me to upload my music from iTunes. When Google Music was scrapped my music was automatically switched over to YouTube music.

Most of my music files already have artwork, but I do have some tracks and albums where this is not the case. Mainly from mixes from friends who used to DJ when I went clubbing in the 90s and 00s. Adding artwork to these MP3 files not only looks better when using your Chromebook media player. It is also used when uploading your MP3 files to YouTube music.

How to add album art to MP3 files on your Chromebook

To add album covers and other information such as artists, and song titles, you need to add tag information to your MP3 files. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to use an online service because you don’t need to install any programs.

Once you’ve added all the tag information including the album cover. You can quickly download your MP3 files, which will then have all the tagging information.

I’ve created a video below that will show you how to add album covers to your MP3 files on your ChromeOS computer.

Get better visuals when listening to your music

Adding album images to each of your music tracks or albums looks much better. When you’re listening to your music there is nothing worse than seeing an empty album cover. Software always covers this up by showing a generic image.

Once you’ve added tag information to your MP3 files you will no longer have to deal with this. Also, you don’t have to use the original album artwork, as you can add any image you would prefer for each of your songs.

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