How much storage space do you need for an Android Tablet?

If you’re considering buying a new tablet one of the questions you may have is how much storage space you will need for an Android Tablet. The amount of storage space is important because too little storage can be very restricting.

When buying a new Android tablet it’s important that you get everything right. This includes making sure you have enough RAM for your Android Tablet. Choosing the right display and making sure the processor will give you the performance you’re looking for.

So you’ve got a lot to think about. Making sure you have enough storage space for your Android Tablet should be at the top of your list. So let’s take a closer look into how much storage you need when buying a new Android Tablet.


It’s important to make sure you buy a tablet with enough storage. After all, it makes no sense spending your hard-earned money on a new tablet if you end up being limited in what you can do with it.

There are so many things that take up storage. Just surfing the internet on a daily basis will take up some of your storage space. Downloading images, documents and music from the internet is another drain on your tablet’s storage.

One of the great benefits of Android Tablets is the Google Play Store. This provides you access to hundreds of thousands of apps. These apps range from office applications to games. All of these apps are downloaded directly onto your Android Tablet using up your storage space.

If you do not have enough storage space on your tablet. You’ll get to a stage where you’ll need to start deleting files and removing apps. This will be the only way to add further apps and download further files from the internet.

This can become very frustrating because it starts to limit what you can do on your tablet. This is why it’s always best to try and ensure you buy a new Android Tablet with enough storage space. Not just for what you’ll need now, but what you’ll most likely need in the future.


When we are looking at buying a new tablet we always check out of the specification. This is a really good way to find out how much storage space the Android Tablet you’re interested in has.

However, you need to be careful when looking at the specification for storage space. The tablet may say that it comes with 16GB of storage. The problem is that you’ll never have access to this amount of space.

The reason for this is because your tablet will be preloaded with Android. Android is the operating system that drives your tablet. There is no getting around this because your tablet would be useless without the Android Operating System.

The amount of space the operating system uses will depend on the Android OS the tablet uses. However, you can expect it to take at least 5GB at the minimum.

32GB of storage is a good option for an Android Tablet
32GB of storage is a sensible option for an Android tablet

Also, tablets never come without apps already installed. Sure, a lot of these apps can be uninstalled. However, until you do this they will take up further space on your tablet.

Most brands such as Samsung also include their own software apps on new tablets they release. These apps will take up further storage space. It’s also not possible to delete some of these apps.

Taking all this into consideration a tablet with 16GB of storage may only have 8GB of storage for you to use. This is something you’ll always need to consider when deciding how much storage space you will need for your Android Tablet.


How much storage space you’ll need for your Android tablet will all depend on what you will use it for. It also depends on who the tablet is for. If you’re buying a tablet for someone else, you’ll need to try and understand more about what they may use a tablet for.

If you’re buying a tablet for yourself it should be much easier choosing the right amount of storage when buying a tablet.

Today, the least amount of storage you should find is 16GB. This amount of storage will be perfectly fine if you only intend to use your tablet to surf the internet and use social media.

You’ll also be able to install a few of your favourite Android apps without any issues. However, this is the bare minimum, so you should not expect to be able to store too much information on a tablet with 16GB of storage.

Storage space is important if you want to install a lot of android apps on your tablet
Storage space is vital if you want to install a lot of Android Apps

A tablet with 32GB of storage would be more suitable. Especially if you are looking to install a lot of Android Apps. However, although 32GB may sound like enough. You’ll still need to manage your storage space carefully. As you would be surprised how quickly your tablets storage space is used up.

If you’re looking for a tablet where you can download a lot of images, install a lot of Android Apps and download a few music albums. Then you’ll definitely want to be looking for a tablet that offers 64GB of storage.

If you get a tablet with 64GB of storage you’ll easily be able to install a lot more onto it. You should have no problems installing plenty of Android Apps, downloading your music albums and even downloading movies you may want to watch on the plane.

You can get more storage than this. In fact, if you’re not liking the idea of managing your storage, but love installing a huge amount of Android apps. Then looking for a tablet with more than 64GB might be the way to go.


As with everything in life. The more you want from your tablet the more it will cost. If cost was not an issue then you would not ever need to think about these types of things.

If you’re on a tight budget then 16GB will be ok. You just need to remember that you’ll have to manage your storage very well. Removing apps you no longer use or removing an album you downloaded previously, is something you’ll have to do on a regular basis.

That being said, if you’re just buying a tablet for internet surfing and social media. You should find that 16GB will be just fine. A tablet with 32GB of storage will give you a lot more flexibility if you want to buy a tablet that will last you for a few years.

If you don’t have a budget and can spend more on a tablet. Then you may want to consider only looking for tablets with 64GB or more. This amount of storage will mean you’ll be less likely to run out of storage.

So I hope you’ve found this useful and you now know how much storage space you will need for your next Android tablet.