Google Play Music to be replaced with YouTube Music

This has been on the cards for a while now, which is a real shame because I’ve always loved Google Play Music. It was always the intention to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music and it appears this is the year that it will happen.

If you’ve ever purchased an Android Phone you would have noticed Google Music was available by default. What I loved most about Google Play Music was how easy it was to upload your music library.

I used to use Apple iTunes for my music before Google Music came along. I had a huge library and loved my iPod. In fact, I still think the iPod offers amazing sound compared to other MP3 players I’ve bought.

Google made it really easy to transfer your iTunes library to Google Play Music. Because I was starting to buy everything Google; it was the perfect time to move my music to Google as well.

I cannot find an exact date of when Google Play Music will close, but I’m sure we’ll see the end to Google Music in 2020. So let’s take a look at what that means for the future of music from Google.


The reason why I’m sad about Google Music closing is that I love it. The way it works on both phone and browser on your computer without too many problems. The sound quality is also great. Casting Google Music to your amplifier offers much better sound than I’ve got with any other music service.

I’ve played so many hours of music with the service over the years, so I will be sorry to see it go. I’ve tried Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes and Deezer, but I’ve always gone back to Google Play Music.

Google Play music to be replaced by YouTube Music - How to transfer your music library
Google Play Music is the default choice for Android Phone users

If you’re like me and moved away from Apple for music. Then choosing Google Music was an easy choice. As I’ve already mentioned. The fact Google made it really easy to upload your iTunes library to Google Music, made it a really easy transition.

Apart from the music library that I uploaded. I’ve also purchased a lot of albums from Google Music. This means I’ve got all my treasured music with the service, so getting access to that will be an important step.


The good news is that Google is not leaving the online music streaming arena altogether. At the moment they have both Google Play Music and YouTube Music. The plan going forward is just to concentrate on YouTube Music.

The good news is Google has made it really easy to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. You can transfer your music now and still have access to both streaming services.

The fact you can still access Google Play Music after the transfer means there is no point in waiting around. Although there isn’t an exact date for Google Play Music’s closure. Getting prepared now by transferring your music is the right approach. Personally, I’ll still use Google Play Music after I’ve transferred all my tracks to YouTube Music.

Google has confirmed the transfer includes the following:

  • Your uploaded and purchased songs
  • Your playlists and many stations
  • Albums and songs in your library
  • Your likes and dislikes of songs will be transferred
  • Your billing information for your current subscription

They’ve also confirmed after the transfer has been completed you can still use both streaming services. This is the case whether you have a paid subscription or not.

If you’re ready you can use this link to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music.


At the moment I have access to YouTube Music on a paid subscription service. This also gives me access to Google Play Music. The app is more modern, but I’m not overly impressed at the moment.

The biggest issue for me at present is the quality when using Google cast. I’ve used Google Cast on my amplifier on all the music streaming services. None of them can match the quality you get from Google Play Music.

Headphones work great on all music streaming services, but none beat Google Play Music when casting to your amplifier.
Streaming on headphones is fine but only Google Play Music is great when casting

I hope this is something that Google will work on with YouTube Music. Listening on your headphones and you get decent quality from all of the streaming services. However, I love casting to my amplifier and at the moment I’ll continue to use Google Play Music for that.


You may not care too much about Google Play Music or if you’re like me then this will be a sad time. Let’s hope now Google will be concentrating on just one service. They will have the time to make YouTube Music just as great as Google Play Music.

Although I’m not happy about it. I totally understand why Google has taken this approach. The music streaming business is very competitive, so having to manage both Google Play Music and YouTube Music is far too demanding.

To compete against Apple, Spotify, Deezer and all the other music streaming services that are appearing. Google needed to concentrate on either Google Play Music or YouTube Music.

The fact is YouTube is already, by far, the most popular streaming website in the world. So choosing to concentrate on YouTube Music will hopefully mean they can continue to offer a music streaming service in this super-competitive market place.