Google Pixelbook Go M3 model sold out in the UK

The Google Pixelbook Go has been available to buy for a couple of years. However, this has not stopped it from being a very popular Chromebook. Totally understandable when you consider it has an excellent build quality, is super lightweight, and is perfect for using on the move.

I’ve been tracking the Pixelbook Go for a couple of weeks and I’ve noticed the M3 model is starting to go out of stock. It’s the cheapest version you can buy and it offers everything you need to use Chrome OS. If you live in the USA you’re fine because it’s still available at Best Buy or from the Google Store. This is not the case in the UK where it’s getting hard to find. In fact, I think it’s sold out.

Although you can get higher-spec models they do cost a lot more. This is possibly the main reason why getting your hands on the M3 model is a little harder. In the UK I’ve checked the main retailers and they’ve all sold out. This includes the Google Store, which has been sold out for a couple of weeks.

Grab a higher Spec Pixelbook Go during Black Friday

At the moment during Black Friday, I don’t think it’s much of an issue. I say this because you can get your hands on the Intel i5 model at a discounted price. The M3 model costs £629 and the entry-level i5 model normally costs £829. At the moment though you can get the Pixelbook I5 from the Google Store for just £729.

It’s an extra £100, so it will depend on whether your budget can stretch that far. If it can then I’d definitely consider buying the i5 model before Black Friday ends. Not only do you get an Intel i5 instead of an Intel M3. It also comes with double the amount of storage at 128GB.

For £799 you can get your hands on the higher-spec i5 model. This normally retails at £949, so it’s a huge saving of £150. This model comes with 16 GB of RAM. A huge amount of RAM for a Chrome OS computer. If you use software that needs a lot of RAM. Then this is a great deal.

Where to buy a Pixelbook Go in the UK

Apart from the Google Store, which I’ve mentioned above. The usual places to check for laptops in the UK are Currys, Argos, Amazon, and John Lewis. At the moment neither of these retailers has an M3 Pixelbook Go for sale. This is unlikely to change so close to Black Friday.

Therefore, if you’re after a Pixelbook Go and you don’t want to miss out on the Black Friday deals. I would take a look at buying a higher spec model. The good news is the offers currently available from the Google Store are also available from other retailers.

Personally speaking, I would buy one from John Lewis if you can. This is because you get a two-year guarantee included, which is an extra year compared to the other retailers. This is an excellent benefit when buying from John Lewis.


If you’ve been waiting for Black Friday to buy a Pixelbook Go. Then you’ll find some great deals on the Intel i5 models. Unfortunately, if you were after the M3 model then your luck is out. None of the major retailers currently has this model in stock.

Being that the Pixelbook Go is now a couple of years old. We are at that time where Google may stop making them. This means you need to start considering buying a Pixelbook Go now if you really want one.

The current deals on the i5 model make it a great time to buy. The Pixelbook Go is an expensive laptop, but you’re also paying for the excellent build quality and what that brings. If the Pixelbook Go isn’t for you. Then take a look at my Top Ten Chromebooks. I’m sure you’ll find some of these models available at a discounted price this Black Friday.