Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook Review

The Pixelbook Go Chromebook has been around for a couple of years. This may mean you’ve skipped past the Pixelbook Go when looking to buy a new Chromebook. I’ve owned newer devices such as the Acer 713 and Asus CX5, but I still prefer to use my Pixelbook Go for daily use.

The only thing I can see that would put you off buying a Pixelbook Go is the AUE date. All Chrome OS devices come with an AUE date. After this date, you’ll no longer receive automatic updates. This means you’ll stop receiving new Chrome OS features that come out after that date. The good news is, that it no longer means your Chromebook will no longer be safe to use after the AUE date.

Thanks to Lacros, which is a project Google has been working on for some time. All Chromebooks where the AUE date expires in 2022 and beyond can continue to use their Chrome OS device safely. Find out more about how to use your Chromebook safely after the AUE date has expired. This is why I’m not too concerned about my Pixelbook Go only getting updates until 2026.

Why I bought a Pixelbook Go

Before deciding to buy the Pixelbook Go I tried out two other Chromebooks first. I didn’t really feel I could use either of the laptops I bought on a daily basis. After realising what I wanted and didn’t want from a laptop the Pixelbook Go was a perfect choice.

My Acer 713 and Asus CX5 Chromebooks have AUE dates until 2028 and come with more powerful processors. However, knowing this, I still decided to buy a Pixelbook Go because the 713 and CX5 were not suitable for me to use every day.

Pixelbook Go Chromebook
The Pixelbook Go is still a great Chromebook in 2022

I realised the reason why I didn’t want to use these laptops on a daily basis is that they were too big and bulky. I wanted a much slimmer and lighter laptop, which I could take out and about with me. Even when using a laptop at home. It’s much nicer handling a lighter and smaller laptop than a laptop that is far heavier and bulkier. I also found the fan noise from these two Chromebooks annoying, which is something you don’t get with the Pixelbook Go.

Knowing that I now wanted a lighter laptop, which was easy to handle. After taking a look at all the available models I decided the Pixelbook Go was the best option. It wasn’t just about portability. It had so much more going for it that other Chromebooks simply couldn’t provide.

Pixelbook Go Build quality

There is no question that one of the reasons why I chose the Pixelbook Go was due to it having a great build quality. If you’ve ever owned a Google product you’ll know that they put a lot of effort into the design of their products.

Google logo on Pixelbook Go
The Google logo on the Pixelbook Go

It’s made from magnesium rather than aluminium, which is used on most premium devices. This means it’s an extremely lightweight laptop weighing in at just 2.3lbs/1.04kg. It’s also super slim at just 13.4mm, which makes it an excellent laptop to take just about anywhere with you.

Pixelbook Go keyboard
Pixelbook text shown above the keyboard

I’m currently typing this article on my Pixelbook Go. The weather is pretty hot at the moment, but I’ve had my Pixelbook Go comfortably on my lap for over an hour, and I’ve not once felt uncomfortable. This is very different to when you have a much heavier and bulkier laptop on your lap. Add fans to the equation and you start getting very uncomfortable.

The Pixelbook Go has a minimalist design, which makes it super cool looking and elegant. It has ‘Pixelbook’ text above the keyboard in a cool grey and a small Google logo on the outside of the chassis. The ribbed underneath gives you a much better grip when carrying your laptop than a smooth design. It looks fantastic and is one of the best-designed laptops I’ve owned.

Ribbed back on Pixelbook Go
The ribbed back gives a firm grip when carrying the Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook Go Display

The display on the Pixelbook Go offers everything you need. It comes with a 13.3-inch display with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. This resolution works perfectly with the display size, and the text and images are nice and crisp.

You do get some Chromebooks with a higher resolution. However, I’m not totally convinced this is needed. Don’t get me wrong the display on my Pixel Slate with its 12.3-inch panel and a resolution of 3,000 by 2,000 looks amazing. Great when using it as a tablet, but not very practical when using it in laptop mode because the high resolution makes it difficult to read text. This is why I’m happy for a laptop that comes with Full HD resolution. You really don’t need a higher resolution than this.

Pixelbook Go display
The Pixelbook Go display is bright and has touchscreen capability

The Pixelbook Go is a laptop-only device, which means you cannot rotate the lid and use it as a tablet. I’ve owned a few Hybrid 2-in-1 Chromebooks and I’m not convinced they are that practical. Don’t get me wrong, it offers extra functionality, but using a laptop in tablet mode when you’ve got a keyboard to grip onto underneath feels odd. That being said, I do think a Hybrid Chromebook is a better option if you’re using a Stylus.

The reason why I’m not bothered about the Pixelbook Go not being a Hybrid is because it has a touchscreen. For me personally, a touchscreen is far more important than having Hybrid functionality. If you like using Android apps on your Chromebook, then you’ll definitely be much better off if your device has a touchscreen display. However, you can use many apps without the need for a touchscreen, but some apps work much better if you can interact with the display.

Pixelbook Go Speakers

I was really impressed with how good the speakers were on my Pixel Slate, so I was expecting the same with the Pixelbook Go. Yes, Google really does put effort into making sure their devices sound great.

Considering how small and compact the Pixelbook Go is the sound is incredible. Two up-firing speakers on either side of the keyboard sound great. I’m really impressed because many laptops and tablets have poor sound.

Because the Pixelbook Go has such good speakers. You can easily use them for playing games or listening to music without needing to use headphones. Of course, if you want a seriously sonic performing sound when listening to music for long periods of time. Then headphones are always going to be the better option. That being said, you’ll definitely not be disappointed with the sound from the Pixelbook Go.

The amazing Pixelbook Go keyboard

One thing that was high on my list of must-haves was a decent keyboard. Because I type a lot when creating blogs for my site; having a keyboard that I can use throughout the day is really important. I’m a touch typist, so a keyboard that allows me to type at speed is essential.

I can honestly say the Pixelbook Go keyboard is the best keyboard I’ve ever used on any laptop. Not just a Chromebook, the Pixelbook Go beats any keyboard I’ve used. I can comfortably type all day long without getting typing fatigue. Again, Google has done a great job with the keyboard.

The amazing Pixelbook Go keyboard
The Pixelbook Go keyboard is the best I’ve used

They call them ‘hush’ keys because you can barely hear them when typing. Every single key press is registered and the feedback from the keyboard makes you confident no keys are being missed when typing. I’ve never had a situation where I’ve felt a key hadn’t responded, which means I can type much faster on my Pixelbook Go compared to other laptops.

The back-lit keyboard looks great with the black keys and white key text. This is even more noticeable when typing in the evening or in areas where there isn’t much light. You can also adjust the keyboard brightness on your Chromebook to get it just how you want.

Pixelbook Go performance

There are a few different options you have when buying a Pixelbook Go. Have a look at the different configuration options available when buying a Pixelbook Go. The guide I’ve linked to will explain all the different models, so you know, which model is best for you.

I decided to go for the Intel i5 model, which uses an eighth-generation processor. I decided to buy this model because it comes with 128GB of storage rather than the 64GB that you get with the entry M3 model. Although you can install a lot of apps on a Chromebook even with 32GB of storage. Because I like to use Linux apps, I decided to go for the larger storage option.

The Pixelbook Go with the i5 processor is more than capable of all the tasks I need it for. You’ll not find much you can’t do with this model. That being said, the entry M3 model is also a decent performer, as it uses the same processor as my Asus C302, and I had no performance issues when using that Chromebook.

The 8GB of RAM you get with the Pixelbook Go ensures the processor has enough RAM to perform. Although you can still do most things on a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM. If you’re buying a Chromebook with an Intel i5 processor, then you’ll always want to ensure it has at least 8GB of RAM. Also, 8GB of RAM does help all processes perform much faster.


When it comes to connectivity the Pixelbook Go has everything I need. However, you may need to check whether you can use all your peripherals because it does not come with the older USB Type-A ports. If you do have older peripherals that use USB Type-A you can always buy an adapter and they are pretty cheap. I can’t imagine you’d need to spend more than £10/$10 on a USB A to C adapter.

To keep the Pixelbook Go super slim Google went for two USB Type – C ports. One on either side, which is great to see because it makes connecting leads much easier no matter where you’re sitting. USB Type – C ports are much better than the older USB Type-A because they can also be used to charge your laptop or connect to an external display.

You also get a Mic/Headphone jack, which is really great to see. Considering how slim the laptop is I’m pretty impressed Google has gone to the effort of adding a mic/headphones jack. This can be used to connect a pair of wired headphones or to connect an external mic for recording your voice. You can of course use the built-in mic, but external mics offer much better quality.

That’s all the ports you’ll find. You may be concerned that there isn’t a Micro SD slot, which can be used to easily add further storage at a later date. Although it would have been good if a Micro SD slot was available. You can still add further external storage if you buy a USB Type-C Storage device such as an external HDD or USB storage stick.


The Pixelbook Go may be a couple of years old. However, I still feel this is the Chromebook to beat if you’re looking for a compact laptop that is fanless, has amazing sound, a great display and an excellent keyboard. What else do you need from a laptop?

You can find faster-performing Chromebooks, but you need to ask whether you need any more processing power. The only thing I can’t do on my Pixelbook Go that I can do on my Asus CX5 is to test out Steam Linux Alpha. There are only a few Chromebooks available to date that works with Steam Linux Alpha, so I wouldn’t expect anything else.

If you’re looking for a Chromebook that has excellent build quality, great sound and a great keyboard for long typing sessions. Then you really can’t go wrong with the Pixelbook Go. I absolutely love it, which is why it got the number one position in my Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022.

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  1. Having been burned with an expensive Acer Spin 713 that barely lasted 16 months before the display packed up, I will definitely be looking to Google for my next chromebook which is being heavily discounted at Argos at the time of writing this. I also agree that having experienced a hybrid I didn’t find this of any value whatsoever and prefer the traditional laptop experience.
    As regards the AUE this doesn’t really concern me too much, not only because of Lacros but also because after 4 or 5 years they are starting to show their age both in terms of battery life, appearance and performance. My Lenovo Duet purchased 16 months ago seems to have aged alot – the back material is looking shabby, performance with multiple tabs open seems to have taken a hit, the trackpad seems less clicky, it doesn’t always get monthly updates sometimes having to skip a version number, and generally it’s slowing down.

    • The Pixelbook Go is without question a great laptop. I absolutely love it. I noticed they are starting to be listed at cheaper prices. I think Argos are listing them cheaper because they are clearing them out of stock. Therefore, if you want to get one from Argos, I would try not to delay too long because I’m sure they will start to get very low on stock.

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